Downgrading window 7 to xp

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  1. Purchase an XP disk, install it. Only way. If the computer vendor you bought the computer from has a downgrade option, check with them for the procedure to to that.
  2. You may not need to buy a disk as long as you have a valid windows XP product key you should be able to install ( But you will have to make sure you can download a generic copy of your XP OS, Try torrents). The MOST important thing to look into when downgrading is to make sure all of your hardware has XP drivers. A lot of manufacturers don't want you to go back to XP so the purposely only make windows 7 drivers available for your hardware.
  3. One of the features of windows 7, is the availability of virtual XP. You can download it, and run XP mode, and still keep your windows 7 install intact.
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