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I recently moved over to ATI from nVidia. In personal experience I usually just installed the updated driver(s) for nVidia over the previous version to do a driver update. Should I do the same with ATI drivers, or should I first uninstall the ATI driver before installing the new one? Please advise.
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  1. It's always advised to uninstall drivers first
  2. It is always best to uninstal the old drivers before updating to newer ones.
  3. Thanks for the info
  4. While it's true that it shouldn't be too troublesome to install a driver over a previous install, and Ati is nice there because they provide a slim driver package (no control panel, use Ati Tray Tools for lightweight configuration and a much smaller download), uninstalling a previous driver is, indeed, good practice - if you go as far as removing settings recorded in your user profiles.
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