Computer freezes shortly after startup

Ok so my new computer was working perfectly fine for a little less than a week. Then, while playing Guild Wars, the game crashed and said that Guild Wars had detected a critical hardware error. I had played guild wars for a rather long time the night before with no problems at all and I had been playing Grid before that. The next day Guild Wars worked again.
Then the other morning I got a mesage saying there was a firmware update for my bluray driver and I downloaded and installed. Now, when it turns on, the computer will open the welcome screen, let me log in, and exactly 9 seconds after it starts to sign in it completel freezes. No mouse movement, no cntrlaltdel nothing.

I dont know what to try. I cant get into the computer to roll back the update to see if thats causing the problem (wouldnt know how) Im going to try and move the RAM around and remove my soundcard (ive had alot of trouble with that thing as it is already. But I ran a mem test and everything was fine (I was able to get on the computer after letting it sit for a few hours. But I once again cant get in.)

My CPU runs at around 107F

here are the specs

AMD Phenom 8450 Toliman 2.1GHz
750W ATX12V
mushkin 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800
Radeon HD 4850
LG GGC-H20L 16X Blu-ray/HD DVD drive
Windows XP Home
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  1. I would start by disconnecting the blu-ray drive.

    You say you got a notice about the firmware... were you expecting such a notice? Did you receive it through e-mail or was it a notice from some program?

    Safe mode and loading last know good config:
  2. No I was not expecting a notice. It came in through the drives ODD service check thing (it came with the drivers and starts up when the computer does)

    Im on the computer now haven't had it freeze in a while and I haven't done anything.
  3. As long as it wasn't some random spam from an unknown program :)
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