An external hard drive has no power

Have a HD connected to an IDE to usb Plug. light is on when I plug it in the hd and PC but as soon as I have power to it the light goes out on the IDE to USB connector and have no power. Is the HD Fried?
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  1. Have you tried other USB ports, some laptops don't supply power to all ports. If this is a desktop why don't you try slaving the drive? Lastly did the HDD enclosure come with an AC power adapter?
  2. Every IDE to USB plug I have used needed an external power source to power the drive. Unless it's a laptop drive maybe, but even then you may need the external power. Your wording in the question is a bit tough to understand also, can't picuture what you are doing. If you want to test the drive, plug it into a PC internally to rule out any issues with the external converter.
  3. Okay my wording was off.just so frustrated. The HD was internal then no power. So I took HD out and plugged into another PC still no power. Plugged into a Usb IDE adaptor. lights comes on the adaptor and plugged power into Hd. No power. Have set jumpers in different slots but still nothing. Before this happend I did have a hd hooked up to the Usb Adaptor and this one in question setup as master. Well that one I had as a slave went first. then the main HD went. Thought it might be Powersupply so I put the powersupply in another PC and it worked with another HD but both my HD's did not.
  4. By no power, do you really mean that or just that the drive is not seen by Windows? Jumpers have nothing to do with the power that gets to the drive. If the drive is plugged in, do you feel the vibration of it spinning up?

    Sounds like you tried to to just about everything you can without replacing hardware. It may be possible to repace the boards on the drive, which is way cheaper than data recovery. Check ebay for boards, but make sure you get the exact same model ones for your drives. If you want to head in that direction.
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