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I have a Gainward GeForce 3-TI200-128MB card for sale. Only 11 months old-purchased at retail. All original boxes. installation CDs,cables,etc. Great frame rates in new flight sims, action and RTS games. Will accept a reasonable offer and pay shipping costs. My e-mail is:

Getting a new Radeon 9700 due to arrive middle of next week.
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  1. what do you consider a reasonable offer?
  2. My top offer as of this minute is $ 60(+ I pay the shipping). As I said, this includes the card + original retail package(cables, installation CD's). I have now installed my new Radeon 9700 and everything is running 100% so I feel comfortable in selling my old card. If you wish to "cement" the deal let me know. I will include all my origianl documentation , as the card should carry the balance of the 3 year warranty.
  3. Jesus I was offering a LeadTek version of that card for $50 + shipping. Why did I try to sell my stuff on sciforums? *enraged face* I'm not mailing much more to Kris for free. I just wish there were more willing buyers on here. Are you all that broke?

    Right now I've got a DIMM of 256MB PC2100 RAM for $30 plus shipping. Any takers? .......


    Benchmarks don't lie :-)
  4. We would be if we bought all your crap.
  5. I'm that broke :P

    This morning, I cashed in my change to buy some gas so I could get to school. Did get $38, got a mean 21 bucks left

    It's all good ^_^
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