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I'm planning to assemble a new rig with the i7 860 mainly for gaming and movie watching.

I want to know if I can run the Turbo Mode all the time - all reviews state that the turbo mode is excellent for gaming. Is it designed to be run permanently?

Also, I'm planning to buy either the Intel P55 motherboard or MSI P55 GD80. While I'm not an overclocker, can I run the OC Genie (MSI auto OC) instead of the Turbo Mode 24/7? Basically, I just want to squeeze maximum fps from my games. Assuming that I employ adequate cooling, can I run the OC Genie permanently?
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  1. Can someone answer me please? I know its kinda basic, but I'm new to overclocking.
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    Yes you can ENABLE the turbo to give you the 22x multi all the time and then OC it to where ever you want. The higher multi's 25-26 can be obtained all the time but it's very unstable for 24/7 usage, only really worth it for benching single threaded like SP.
  3. Thanks for your reply. I guess I'll just run it on Turbo all the time then, and give the OC a miss. I think its too much time, effort and risk. Anyways, most games are only single threaded so it should be fine.
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