Got a tv, missing a part

I just got a RCA F19432, yes I know it is old, and i want to hook my wii up to it. THe problem is that nowhere on the tv is a audio video cable jack, the red yellow and white thing. anyone know where to get one or any other solution to the problem, besides buying a new tv?
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  1. can you find an rca to a normal coaxial connection? (the one that you connect your cable connection to?)

    Otherwise you have no other way of hooking the wii up to that tv.

    Is it about 19" ? if it is, it probably isn't worth it for the wii.
  2. The red/white cables are your audio left and right. the yellow cable is your video cable. You'll need to find a converter box that will accept these composite connections and combine them into a 75 Ohm coax cable connector (which is the only apparent input on your TV). Head out to the local RadioShack (or similar store) and ask them for an RCA Composite (audio and video) to Coax converter.

    -Wolf sends
  3. thx
  4. ... or, look for an old VHS around. They usually have this circuitry built-in, and there is plenty used for sale, way less expensive than a dedicated box.
  5. Yup, I was going to say go through the VHS. When I read your post it dawned on me that not too many people have them anymore. OOPS :lol:

    Here's one. - RF Modulator
  6. well... maybe not WAY less expensive after all :)
  7. Hehe, Zorg.

    That's exactly what I was looking for when I wrote my reply (I actually have one of those around here somewhere). I wonder where that is...

    -Wolf searches
  8. I knew Radio Shack had it.
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