Is it Safe to buy a X25-M for Win 7 64bit yet?

I was one of the suckers that bought an Intel X25 80gb SSD last December to find it would lock my Win 7 64 bit nforce machine all the time. Yet everyone keeps saying that the X25 is the best SSD. Should I be looking at these again or is there a better alternative?
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  1. Hi

    the new Crucial C300 is due out in the 1st half of Feb - shipping(ed) to OEM's already

    It is meant to have...

    Sequential Read of 355MB/s
    Sequential Write of 215MB/s.

    It is At least twice as fast as the Intel X25-M in Random writes - with all varying size tests!

    They use 7% of the NAND capacity is used for spare cache area.

    The 128MB $399
    The 256MB $799

    Anand Preview

    I am hanging on for this myself - or at least until some real full reviews come out of the final product ^^
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    I'm running an X25-M on Windows 7 x64 just fine (and I have been since it came out).

    Your problem could have been your storage controller- nforce chipsets have been somewhat questionable for stability for a while.
  3. I keep reading about these 6gbps controllers. Is this something I can put into a pci-e slot and thread back to my new SSD?
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