PCIe x1 not seeing TV Tuner (update - something with video card)

I originally had a GA-K8NXP-SLI and it was a good board for me until it died a year ago. Then I bought a DFI LANParty and it was a huge hassle (everytime I would change anything it wouldn't post and I would have to go through huge hassles - I'll never get a DFI board again). Now the northbridge on the DFI went out. A friend had an old GA-K8NXP-SLI lying around so I redid the build with that again.

My problem is that in both the prior builds my PCIe x1 TVCard worked fine but this last one won't recognize it. I tried the x1 slot by the CPU and tried the 2nd x16 slot and neither shows up. I took the card to work and tried and it popped up and tried to load the drivers. The Gigabyte isn't seeing the card at all.

Any ideas of what to try? I don't have enough money to buy a whole new box right now and getting yet another 939 motherboard is getting hard to do. Here is a rundown of the hardware

GA-K8NXP-SLI F11 BIOS (the F12 bios on the gigabyte website is bad)
Creative X-Fi (PCI)
eVGA 8800GTS 320
Avermedia PCIe combo card M780

EDIT: I Installed an old video card (nvidia 6800) and POOF the TV Card worked - so I swapped back to the 8800GTS and nothing. Exact same setup except which video card I used (same PCIe slot for the tuner and the video card etc). I would just stay with the old card BUT the primary reason for the 8800GTS in the first place was becuase previous cards could not keep up with live HDTV.

EDIT2: I found using CPU-Z that the 6800 runs in x16, while the 8800 will only run in x8.
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  1. I've got a similar problem with Compro Videomate E800 and also a E850 TV card and GA-EP45-DS3P M/B.
    I have a ATI 4850 video card.

    The BIOS doesn't find the TV card on normal boots, but does find it after a Windows Restart or after I Exit and Save from the BIOS and boot.

    If you can set the PCI latency (32, 64, 96 etc) in BIOS, which I can't, this might help.
    Try increasing the latency a little.

    I have tried slowing down the PCI bus to 94MHz and increasing the PCI voltage and these don't help.
    I have tried going back to two earlier BIOS firmwares and this didn't help either.
  2. I bought a new video card and everything was better. And I really mean EVERYTHING. The TV Tuner was seen, the machine was way more stable overall and this problem I had where vista would pause now and then was gone. Overall the machine felt way more snappy despite the new ATI video card being barely more powerful than the old nvidia one.

    So somehow that video card was screwing everything up.
  3. Oh also I emailed gigabyte and they fixed the F12 bios so it loaded (but that wasn't what fixed the issue)
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