So I tried putting in a new hard drive in addition to my...7200.11 1TB Seagate >.< So i know there are bad issues with this drive but when i put in a Raptor 74GB just for fun my windows didn't boot and stayed at a black screen before the "Microsoft Window" with scrolling green bar comes up (Running (prob not now ha) Vista 64). I took out my Raptor and replaced the sata cables back to their original spots. So my hard drive is detectable in the bios and it recognizes everything thats on there bc i used an Acronis 2009 boot CD to try and make a backup and i can browse through my C drive but windows fails to load. It even came up with disk error in POST a few times. My original backup is corrupt (whole other story bc acronis is retarded) but i tried making a backup of this current setup (Windows doesn't load but contents can be seen) and i started it last night got up this morning and the green bar is ALMOST DONE! with the remaining time at 39 sec (prob been there since 4 am). Summary: my hard drive is running but slow.. Windows wont load nether will my backup. Any thoughts ideas? I would like to get my music of this drive but can get my most listened to music off my iphone using copypod or something. I would like to just boot my pc back to the way it was. IS THIS POSSIBLE? :(
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  1. Try that HD in another system? See if you can isolate the problem.

    Also your post cries out for "someone sent up the bomb"
  2. Dont know what that quote means but yea my drive got boned. I dont but do have another system to put it in. I have other computers in my house but none anyone will let me use... I was thinking of getting the one AV program that uses linux to scan your drive as an "external" drive. Its all just too weird that my hard drive would just become incredibly slow and not load windows from switching cables and putting in a new hard drive. I know the Bios switch some stuff around when this happened but i seemed to have put everything back to a should be working condition. Any thoughts on Bios options that would fix something. I have an X38 DFI LAN party maybe jr i forget. and im at work so I cant double check.
  3. Maybe reset the bios to factory?

    The quote is an internet classic. Google "all your base are belong to us". There's a youtube for it, I'm sure (can't get YT at work).
  4. O yea i kno all ur base lol but i haven't seen that clip in awhile and it didn't click. LOL def. But i'm just gettin a new drive and putting Win 7-u on it but thanks man!
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