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So I play World of Warcraft, and I have had my Linksys Router and Wireless card for about a year or two. Up until recently, I've had no major issues with Lag or anything.
Very recently I've been getting 3-4 seconds of extremely bad lag. I did "ping -t" and let it clock for a few minutes. For the most part it was ticking at 2-7 ms. But every few minutes it would spike to 300+ ms for about 2-5 seconds. And I would also get random "request timed out." spotted in there. This causes big ripples in the game play where small disconnects cause larger periods of lag. During these spikes, nothing works - no internet, ventrilo kicks out, and the game has everyone doing the "moonwalk" (a sign of small connection hit).

My roomate uses a landline connection to the router, and there is one other comp that is on the wireless mostly just sitting idle with AIM up. Niether of those comps get noticable spikes like mine.

I did a little research and I saw a suggestion to set my Fragmentation Threshold and RTS threshold both to 2304. It might have been a placibo effect, but I think it ~might~ have helped a little. However the problem still exists.

Any suggestion on what to do next? Is my card shot? maybe the router? Configs? Softwere? Firmwere?
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  1. After a fresh reboot of your PC, try this:

    1) Check the Processes in the Task Manager for stray programs that your are not aware of.
    2) From Start menu, select Run... then type cmd
    3) at the prompt, type netstat -ab, and look for processes that you don't recognize.

    This is only a first test to make sure you don't have viruses running and using your network. Try running a virus sweep after this to confirm.

    Also, check for wireless phones (2.4ghz) and microwaves being on. If you are in an apt. that also makes it hard to troubleshoot.
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