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I have a ASUS EAH4850 and Vista 64-bit. I'm trying to get the latest driver but do I want Version 8.523 from the ASUS site or the Catalyst Software Suite form ATI? Currently according to device manager I'm on 8.501.1.0 and I remember getting the hotfix when it came out. Also I have ATI Catalyst install manager and ASUS software (gamer ocd and smart doctor) in add/remove programs. Should i uninstall all that before installing the new driver? I do use the smart doctor to watch temps and control fan speeds. Should I stick with that or use something else? This is my first venture with a card from ATI and everything has been great, just a little lost about all these drivers from multiple places. >.<
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  1. If you're going to update your drivers you are probably going to need the new version of Smart Doctor. The old one won't start if you update your drivers to the 8.9. Go to the ASUS page and download the new version of both programs, uninstall the versions you have, uninstall your drivers, install the new drivers, and then install the updated programs.
  2. Will do. Thanks for the clarification.
  3. Go with the newest from ATI.
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