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Overclocked my 920 but is it correct?

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November 13, 2009 11:00:52 PM

After messing around with a bad mobo and such I finally got the new system stable, so I decided to overclock. I know pretty much nothing and according to my wife, am a complete idiot sometimes. So there is a possiblity I did it all wrong. I only want to go to 3.6 and I have that. Runs prime 95 stable at 72c. Put is it correct? it works so must be right lol. Mainly I am wondering if the memory is not operating at the right times and such. here are my system parts

Intel 17 920
OCZ Gold 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600
Asus P6t se motherboard
Visiontek 5870
corsair 750 watt psu
Coolermaster Sniper case

In the bios I have these settings.

  1. ai OC tuner - manual
  2. cpu ratio - 20
  3. intel speedstep - enabled
  4. bclk - 190
  5. pcie - 100
  6. dram - auto
  7. uclk - auto
  8. qpi link data rate - auto
  9. cpu voltage - 1.25
  10. cpu pll volate - 1.8
  11. qpi/dram core voltage - auto
  13. All IOH and ICH voltages and Dram bus voltage - auto
  14. load lin - auto
  15. cpu differential amplitude - auto
  16. cplu clock skew - auto
  17. cpu spread spectrum - auto
  18. ioh clock skew - auto
  19. pcie spread spectrum - disabled

I set the cpu voltage to 1.25 since I read auto would sometimes provide more than was needed creating more heat. So here is what CPU-Z shows. Without a load it looks like this.

with prime running it looks like this

I thought that I should be seeing 1600mhz under the memory but I am guessing that is not the case and it is based off the multiplier. But if that is the case, is my ram running slower when there is no load on the system? I tried to follow th eI7 overclock guide but some of it did not make sense or match up to the bios I had. So some suggestions would be cool. As I said I just want to hit 3.6 but I would like my ram to run at the correct speed.

November 13, 2009 11:20:38 PM

Your RAM is running at 2 x 574 or 1148. If you want it to run at 1600, you can take your RAM multiplier up to 8, you'll get a speed of 1520. It's not slowing down when your system is not loaded because it's only based on the ram multiplier and the base clock. Your system lowers the cpu multiplier when idle, so this doesn't affect ram speed. I'm not sure how you would achieve 3.6 and 1600 MHz, though. The CPU multiplier is locked, so the base clock has to be moved.

You may want to manually set your DRAM voltage, too. I'm sure the board has safeguards, but you want to have the DRAM voltage be no more than .5 V more than the Uncore voltage. Otherwise, you risk damaging the memory controller. That would be lines 11 and 6 on your first picture.

That's all I know, hope that helped.
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November 13, 2009 11:41:58 PM

ok one thing that is really confusing me is the multipliers for QPI, Uncore and RAM. I don't have x6 or such in my bios. I have straight out numbers. Example would be the DRAM freq. I have actual mhz listed. same with the Uclk and the QPI Link Data Rate. I guess that is what is kinda messing me up. I can adjust the ratio setting. but as that changes so does the settings for the QPI, Uncore and RAM. I can set to the ratio to 19 with a Bclk of 190 and I have an 1523mhz option under the dram freq. That link is really great. Even has a little configure program linked in there. It has the x multipliers though. I htink my bios is the only that does not lol. every guide I read shows something other than what I have.
November 13, 2009 11:59:42 PM

I took the settings off the chart. blck 180, dram DR3-1440, the uclk 2880, qpi 6480 and it gives me a speed of 3.78. I guess the ram is then running at 1440 mhz. CPU-z shows

Seems stable for a few runs of prime. Temps in Real temp show max of 85. Idle is 46. This is with a V8 cooler. Are those too high? Speedfan told me 68c for cpu. Seems quite a bit off from real temp.

Thanks for the help guys,.

Best solution

November 14, 2009 12:34:28 AM

85 is really high. Especially for a V8. What is the temperature in your room? What thermal compound did you use? I would check to see that your heatsink is seated tightly and correctly. Maybe re-apply the thermal compound (after cleaing the surfaces first). Mine runs at 62 C during prime 95 with an overclock of 3.2 GHz, hyper threading and Turbo Boost on.

You might want to solve that issue before you do too much more testing.

But yeah, your RAM is running at 1440. It's 8 x 180 base clock. And CPU-z shows 720 (it's double data rate, so 720 x 2 = 1440).

I think you should check your DRAM and Uncore voltages. Your temps are high. I usually trust real temp because it agrees with my bios readings.
November 14, 2009 12:52:42 AM

Try turning off load-line calibration, you should see about ~8C in temps drop.
November 14, 2009 1:54:42 AM

i just reapplied arctic silver 5 today, cleaned everything good and made sure it was tightly sealed as well. Before I reapplied it I had even higher temps. I hjad to RMA my first p6t se due to problems with the pcie bus. graphics cards would not take drivers and operate properly. This is my first build in almost 15 years, everything else premade. I can remember why I buy the premade stuff, normally the hardware works well together. But I wanted to get the flexibility out of the I7 and all the prebuilts gank you on the trichannel. It is a trade off. Seems to be working ok now though.

I turned off Load-line calibration. Prime95 temps stable around 75-76c. The computer is in the basement so it is a little chilly down here. I also turned the fans on the case to max. That is 3 23cm fans going plus the exhaust in the back. I also noticed that my CPU cooler fan is only running at 1400 RPM. I know the V8 has the adjustment knob but I set the mobo to run it. I may have to crank that knob up and turn off the mobo control. I know the CPU cooler will do 2000 RPMs. might lower it some more.