Athlon XP PC from 2003 shuts off ever since the new video card

i installed a new video card yesterday-ASUS AH3650 AGP, and while i was installing the driver, which took forever, my PC just shut itself off. but then when id turn it back on it would say "1500+" when my cpu is 2100+. so i restarted it again and it would say 1500+ again, then next time 1600+. then when i tried it again later on in 30 mins it finally said 2100. so i was thinking maybe its my cpu that cant handle the new video card. it cant be my PSU cuz i upgraded it long time ago from 350W to 550W and didnt have the shut down problem ever since.

and this morning i turned it on to use it. i watched a video on youtube then about 1 min before it ended my PC shut off again. i turned it back on 10 mins later and then right at the moment of when the same video ended it shut off. and im thinking it may be experiencing heat issues.

my system is:

Asus A7N8X
3 gigs of Corsair RAM, one of which is XML serious for overclocking
2100+ Athlon XP TBred CPU
2 HDs - Master is 200GB Segate (IDE) and 500GB WD (ATA) as slave
ASUS AH3650 AGP video card (just installed it yesterday)
Coolmax Model AP-550X(A/PFC) CP-500T PSU
2 LG DVDRW's (i turned one off today incase it takes too much voltage)
WinFast Dleadtek TV card
Red Thermaltake Lamp
5 Fans inside my PC
1 little fan on top of RAM
& 2 HD cooling cases that each has 2 small fans on it spinning and cooling the HD

let me know what you all think, because i think it may be my CPU. and it may need a better heatsink/fan cuz im still using the one that came with it. and if it's not a CPU and a PSU, then do i really need a higher one then 550W for such a powerful video card?
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  1. updated the system list. now that i think about it, i got a lot of stuff inside taking up voltage and it may just be the PSU. but i am not sure.
  2. It could be your PSU, or it might simply be your CPU overheating.

    The rated wattage is fine, but I don't think it's a real quality PSU, and they do go bad.

    Make sure the CPU fan is spinning.
  3. I'd say it sounds like either the PSU, or the MB is giving up. The PSU should be replaced first tho.
    $60 (Antec 550W Modular)
    $80 (Antec 650W Modular)
  4. incapable old PSU. get a new corsair 520W will do the job fine.
  5. All but a few higher wattage Coolmax PSUs are on tier-5 ("Do not buy") of the old list at With a claimed rating of 500W, this probably means yours is good for maybe 300W before becoming electrically noisy or otherwise flaky.
    I don't think this is your immediate problem, however, as I doubt your system needs even 300W. Your description includes CPU throttling, which is most likely caused by heat. As old as your system is, you may need to remove your HSF, clean off the thermal interface material (TIM) and apply a fresh layer. Blow the dust out of your existing HSF and put it back on, or perhaps get a better one.
    As old as your system is, that mobo could have failing caps or other issues. If you have a budget for upgrades or a new build, post it for suggestions.
  6. I'd agree you may need to clean and re-thermal your cpu/hsf....

    another thing to look for is possible something not seated correctly.
    As in, when you put the card into the pc, you possible caused another device tobe come unseated.... Is there alot of dust gathered on your hsf?? Are your fans blowing in and releasing air, where they should..

    The video card you have installed is a silent card I think.. It only has a hs, no fan... So you know that this baby is gonna produce some heat..
    Without proper air flow, your could very rapidly increase the temp, to the point of a system shut down..
    I believe the rule of thumb is, the only intake is the front.. all other fans should be exhaust....
  7. I make the side an intake as well. Top and rear (including PSU) are exhaust. If you have too many exhaust fans, the PSU fan may be unable to pull air through the PSU, and it will heat up and croak, even if all fans are running and the rest of the system seems cool. One of the many things I like about my CM-RC690 case is the bottom-mounted PSU draws in its own air from under the case and exhausts it right out the back.
  8. I forgot about the side... -lol-
    yep that should be an intake.
  9. 1) how do i apply a new TIM layer and where do i get it? is the TIM layer goes over CPU or the heat sink?

    2) yeah i was looking at fans and considering getting this one

    3) exhaust is fans blowing air out and intake is blowing air in?? if yes, then i got fan on top thats blowing air out, fan on side blowing air in, fan in front i dont remember and 2 more fans at the back 1 intake the other exhaust.

    also, i highly doubt RAM has anything to do with it since i bought the Corsair (XMS) stick about 1 year ago and the other 2 just 1 month ago. so they're all fairly new. and my PSU has never gave me problems i just think i overload it with so many devices its starting to be overwhelmed (i.e. having my extra DVDRW hooked up i dont even use that take up electricity)
  10. Make sure front fan is intake, and both in rear are exhaust.
    For instructions, go here:
  11. You probably don't have enough amps an the 12v rail. Older PSUs have more volts on 5v and 3v than newer ones. In older boards that don't have that extra 4 pin connector it seems to help in overclocking, but with a video card not so much. When I upgraded my old Athlon 3000+ system to a 1950GT AGP the 430W Power supply would activate its trip protection when I ran Gothic 3 for a few minutes and shut off. When I upgraded my power supply to my 500W Blue Storm II the system was fine, but I couldn't overclock my Athlon 3000+ as much since the board wasn't getting as much power from the 5v and 3v as it once was.

    Now that old system is using the power supply that came from my new case. It's got enough power on 12v rails for the 1950GT, but I keep the Athlon 3000+ at stock speeds since my MSI KT3 Ultra2 wants more 5v and 3v power to really overclock.
  12. The 3650 doesn't need enough juice to be a part of this problem. The CPU is throttling; this means the CPU is overheating, not some other part.
    Now, if the PSU is so stressed that it's about to blow, it might be passing really nasty voltage or electrical noise to the CPU, which might be causing it to heat up and throttle.
  13. well, i now blow a fan into my pc and it never shuts off again. i ordered this so im just waiting to install it.
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