USB messing the WHOLE system


Recently, I began having problems with the USB cable that I use to recharge my sony mp3 player. Before it was working without a bug. Now, whenever I either plug it in or out, the whole system freezes; songs cuts out like having some electricity issue (annoying sound), internet/firefox lags intensively and even explorer goes crazy for about 2 minutes.

Can i get rid of that without having to reinstall the whole system anew?
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  1. Is it only the Sony which causes this problem or other USB devices ? Do file transfers to the Sony work ?

    Incidentally, I have an MP3 player which recharges via the USB and because I don't like running a whole computer just to charge a small toy I found a secondhand charger for a Blackberry. Has a female USB socket so can just plug in the player's standard USB to mini USB cable and charge that way.
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