which card will be better? 4870 vs 260gtx 212

Sahppire HD4870 512mb+Artic Cooling Twin Turbo, or
Invission GTX260 core 212 (the new version).
i`ll oc the cards, which one be better?
(res is FHD, 1900X1200 or what ever)
dont suggest 9800gx2 or things like that, cause im consider it to, but just want to know which one from above will be better includ oc.
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  1. answer somone?
    if they pretyy even just say.
  2. the GTX260 core 212 just edges ahead, but if it was me, it would be the 4870 with its dx10.1, and if game developers do jump to dx11, the GTX260 core 212 would still be stuck on dx10 but the 4870 would have the benefit of dx10.1
  3. isnt it core 216?... im pretty sure its core 216
    i don't know about the dx 10.1/dx 11 compatibility, but your really fine off with either

    4870 can be found for like ~$260 and the 216 for like $300

    if a few frames justifies the price, than by all means go for it... you can find the regular gtx260 for about $200 after rebate

    and consider the 9800gx2...CONSIDER IT LIKE HELL
  4. im not from usa, and the price difrence is pretty big between the 4870 to 9800gx2, but anyway i think i`ll take it, but if i wont i want alternative.
    btw i think you right its core 216.
    anyway 4870+twin turbo will be better from the new 260gtx? ignore the price its same from where im buying.
  5. the new gtx260 slightly edges the 4870, but in my opinion save some money and get the old gtx260 which can be found at newegg as low as 215$. performance wise it performance slightly less but its worth it for the amount of money u save.
  6. i not from USA, so Newweg deals are not usful.
    agian, which card will be better? (and im doing OC!)
    4870+ac twin turbo will be better from the new 260gtx with stock cooling?
  7. The extra ram plus core speeds make the 4870 slightly edge the 216.
  8. I think that what the following article shows is that when the GTX 260 is overclocked at the factory...those versions of the card make it worth it....read:


    Not to take anything away from the 4870....but with the extra ram and pipelines...throw in some extra headroom and there is a winner
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