Need some help deciding a few parts,GPU, for my 1st PC (gpu, psu).

Ok so here are the basic stats:
e8400, i plan to oc maybe to 3.4ghz?
p180 case, fits my needs but i was wandering if i could fit a 2 9800gtx a fan?
ocz sli ready ddr2 800mhz ram, plan to oc to 1066mhz
780i p5n-d board, sli ready
for gpu i might go with 8800gts then sli later or go with 9800gtx and sli later or go with 9800gx2. can someone help me decide btwn these 3 options and explain the diffs plz? is the gx2 just 2 gtx?
im really at a loss for the psu, i don't understand the concept of 12v rails, do the plug in to the mobo, the gpu, the cpu or what?why do i need multipe 12v rails? PLZ help! :(
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  1. ok for your first build your doing great. i suggest going with the 9800gtx ( overclocked versions are better obliviously) now with a psu. 12v rails are what most of your system runs off of ( ie. cd drive, hard drive, gpu, ect) bascily you want at lest 18amps on a 12v rail. a good psu will have 20 amps or more on the 12v rail. multiple 12v rails are good cause you are more likely to have severle PCI connectors which is what you connect to your gpu's.
    that psu has good rails but its way overkill for you. you want something around the 700-900 watt psu for your system.
    that would work better.
  2. Yeah, yeah, like he says.
  3. Thanks for explaining the PSUs for me, tho im still a bit confused, do i need a 12v rail for every cd-drive, cpu, gpu? and i still need to know if the gpus will fit in p182 with a fan.
  4. Could i get something like this in a p180?
  5. Get 9800gx2 instead. At $270, it cost less than dual 9800gtx, same as dual g92 8800gts, and does not require a crappy, overpriced, underperforming Nvidia chipset motherboard. A $100 p45 board will outperform the 780i while costing half as much.

    Gx2 performance is slightly below those dual cards due to underclocking, but it's only by 50mhz, at 600mhz, but you can either oc it yourself or buy the factory oced version (675mhz) for $10 more.

    Benchmarks (stock 9800gx2):
  6. daggger, that is really gonna change my plans up alot, but what psu will i use with such a crazy card?? and will it fit in the p180?? (refer to pic)
  7. What you're thinking about would require to you put a fan around where your 3.5" drive bays are. You mighnt want to take a look at this case instead.
  8. Oh yeah, as for the video card the 9800GX2 is really just two 9800GTXs in SLi on a single PCB, much like the Radeon 4870X2 (but not as fast as the 4870X2 :D ). I'm not to fond of nVidia based boards right now, but the 780 based boards are much better than the 600 series. Anyway If you can afford it, go with the 9800GX2. If not then get a 9800GTX like this

    EVGA 9800GTX


    XFX 9800GTX+

    As for the GX2, it's best to get the factory overclocked versions for a little bit more like dagger suggests.
  9. im so overwhelmed.....
    so if i go with the p45 since the 780i sux i cant go sli (only one pciex16) so i will have to go 9800gx2. thats cool but its 10.5 inches and i dont think it will fit in my case witha fan, which i think i will need cuz people say this card is HUGE. also i need a ower supply..... i dont know what to do!!!!!!!!
  10. Let me assume that the primary purpose for this build is for gaming.
    Read this article, and think about where you fit among the options. It will depend on what games you will play, what resolution you will use, and how much you value good gameplay. Read this and see where you are:

    For the most part, it is the vga system that determines how good a game plays. In general, a high end single card like the GTX260/4870/9800gx2 will play anything out there nicely.

    In my opinion, SLI or crossfire(the combining of two vga cards) is a poor value if you can be satisfied by a single strong card.
    You pay more for the motherboard, and more for a more powerful psu today. If you exercise your upgrade in the future, you will be paying for a second card that is closer to being obsolete. It is better, I think, to plan on selling your old card at upgrade time, and replace it with the next best thing.

    I think I would buy a E8500 up front for $20 more, and forget about overclocking. Unless your game is cpu bound like FSX or supreme commander, you will not get a big boost out of overclocking.

    C2D cpu's are not very sensitive to ram speeds. Your FPS will be perhaps 1-2% better with faster ram. Very much not worth it to me. Ram is cheap, and 4gb is a good idea. Heres why:
    I would get a 4gb kit of DDR2-800 ram in a 2x2gb configuration from a quality vendor.

    The Nvidia chipset motherboards seem to have more issues than the Intel P45 motherboards. Both have their fans though. If you want SLI you need a Nvidia board, if you want crossfire, you want an Intel board. If you want neither, then either board will do.

    Don't go cheap on the PSU. A good quality vendor can save you some headaches. Corsair, Seasonic, PC P&C, Antec are good. Look for a tier 2 unit or better on this list:

    As a simple rule, any quality psu with two pcie 6 or 6/8 pin connectors will run any single vga card out there.
    Most psu's out there are really single rail units. Their output is divided into several 12v. rails to limit the amps delivered on a single rail. Some consider it a safety issue. It really is a non-issue.
    A psu will have a number of cables which you plug into the motherboard and other devices. A cable may have several connectors on it. This will be the sata connectors, and the 4 pin molex conectors which are used for several things like fans. A good psu recommendation is the PC P&C silencer610 for $89.99 after rebate.
    It will run any single vga card made, or will power a sli configuration with two lesser cards like the 8800GTS.

    The P180 is a good quiet case. You can fit two of the longest cards out there like the GTX280 or 4870X2. The number of hard drives might be reduced to 3 or 4. I don't like front doors, so I might pick the Antec 300 instead.
    ---good luck---
  11. omar954 said:
    daggger, that is really gonna change my plans up alot, but what psu will i use with such a crazy card?? and will it fit in the p180?? (refer to pic)

    Power consumption:
    9800gx2 consume 10.4 watts more than single 4870 when under load.
  12. for the e8400, try for 3.6 on stock volts. it should be easy.
  13. Yo u have made my day, no week, no 10 days of researching. and u did it all in one paragraph. i love u so much.... its not even funny!!!!!1
  14. Here is a link to a photo of a 9800GX2 in a P180 case:
    Note the corsair 620 psu which should be fine.

    ---15 seconds on google---
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