New Processor E Or Q.Please please please help!

Hey friends!

getting a processor. after a lot of thought, thinking of getting the e8500. but the q9300 seems more tempting. my use if for games, daily applications - word, web, music and the usual. at times do use the pc to transfer my handycam movies via firewire and do light edits. but not very often. very rarely.

The price is almost same. no interest in the q6600 for now. now as per my requirement, which one should i go for?

E8500 Or Q9300 ?????

1. will be playing games, so i know the e8500 is kickass for that, but is the q9300 not a fit for gaming, like will there be a big difference in gaming experience?
2. run applications - word, web, music. not heavy multi-tasking.
3. just edit home movies from time to time, not very often.
4. Not planning to overclock
5. need a good fast pc :).

please help my out. should i just settle for the dual or go for the quad?

need help, thanx.
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  1. In your situation, I'd go with the E8500. Since you don't heavily multitask, do much editing and you don't overeclock - the Q9300 would actually be a worse performance choice at this point.

    As far as gaming goes, most games today can't utilize a dualcore - let alone a quad. I think by the time general gaming requires a quad, you'll be ready for a new system anyways - or, at least, quads will be the mainstream and you'll be able to upgrade to one rather cheaply at that point.
  2. exit, there are plenty of games that utilize dual cores now

    but the most simple answer is that games today utilize the gpu far more than the cpu, especially at high resolutions... so you should get the e8500

    btw what resolution will you be playin on? if its 1600x1200 or higher, the stock settings on your e8500 will be fine, but if your resolution is lower, you might want to OC your proc...don't worry, on stock voltages, core2's go very high
  3. Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that some games don't utilize duals. I meant that the adoption rate of multicore from the developers is a slow process. Ignoring the challenges of multicore programming, developers must create for the market. There are still may singlecore Athlons and P4s out there, so games must be devloped to run on them. Now, as dualcore is starting to become the standard, we will probably see dual becoming the minimum with quad support becoming an underutilized feature in some of the top games.

    My guess is that it will come down to a game such as Alan Wake, which is designed for quadcore. If this game is truly superior than anything else out there, I believe it will increase demand for quads exponentially (knid of like what Doom III did for DX9 card sales). However, if the game is a dud, then it may be a while for the market to shift completely over to quads.

    Either way, I speculate, that by the time the quad becomes the standard, the OP will be able to upgrade to a faster quad at a much lower price than they are today, or it will be time for a next-generation machine.

    But, enough ranting. Eklipz is right. An E8500 with a good gpu is all you need right now.
  4. guys thanx a ton for your replies, really great that the e8500 seems the right choice. but will it be a quick pc and wil li be able to edit home movies well with it. last thing on my mind now :).
  5. i dont wanna confuse u further.. but the thing is.. IF u get a dual, u wud always wonder wat it is to have a quad.. and since u r buying such a relatively high-end system, q9300 at 2.5Ghz is not a bad choice AT ALL!! since u r more into everyday tasks, u wud see a better response with more cores than higher clock speeds.. even with games, quads somehow, FEEL better.. q6600 is still good.. but q9300 is way better :)
  6. i'm confused :(
  7. well the thing is, if you go task manager/performance tab, you see that there are about 500 threads. for pure loading times, multitasking and background windows services, a quad is ftw. still, for your situation i would recommend the E8500. OVERCLOCKS LIKE A MOTHER TRUCKAR!
  8. Quad... E8500... Quad... E850... Quad... E8500... Quad... E8500... Quad... E8500... Quad... E8500... Quad... E8500... Quad... E8500... Quad... E8500... Quad... E8500... Quad... E8500... Quad... E8500... Quad... E8500... Quad... E8500...

    I'M GOING MAD :(

    Can't make up my moment it's the e8500 the next it's the q9300.
  9. haha thats wat it was like for me a while back... Q6600 or E8400... Q6600 or E8400... basically if ur like me and keep a comp for a coupel of years, get a quad. if you really wanna play a game now, get a dual. that simple really.
  10. really though. i swear intels were underclocked from the factory... there isnt a single dual or quad that comes to mind that cant oc at least 10%. insane NOT to overclock em! wat a waste!
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