Must I remove old thermal compound?

Bought some AS5 to re-seat my HSF... wiped the CPU and HSF clean of the other compound and am ready to go... MUST I use some special stuff to get all the residue off, or is a good wipe-down sufficient?
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  1. Alcohol is just fine.
  2. A good wipe with alchohol is fine.
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    I like to use a coffee filter with a few drops of alchohol. Paper towels, rags, napkins, and tissues leave too many fibers behind for my liking.

    I also spread compound with some plastic wrap stretched around my index finger.

    Anal, perhaps, but the idea of body oils and paper bits between the heatsink and CPU kind of bug me.
  4. Thanks everyone! Alcohol worked great (not a coffee drinker, but that's what I'll use next time...)
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