Is it damaged? if so - help me to burn it

Hello folks, I have a problem over here.
I got a screwed up Q9300. The problem is with his temp and resource usage.
Its seems to be that core 3 & 4 are the problem.

Problem 1:
core 1 - 45C degree on idle.
core 2 - 47C degree on idle.
core 3 - 55C degree on idle.
core 4 - 35C degree on idle.

crushed up doesnt it? as I know it, the temp must be balanced, and almost the same in all of the cores.
(variation of 1C-2C degree.. no more)

Problem 2:
When I open MY COMPUTER, and/or try to acess my hard drive volumes, its seems that cores 3&4 are getting crazy.
PLUS the computer is insanly stuck! the mouse jumps like its beeing chased by a cat and its very noisy.
Core 3 is on small usage, core 4 is on maximum usage and cores 1 and 2 are idle.

Total CPU usage while My Computer folder is open: 25%-28%.

My old C2D is 8% cpu usage while chatting in MSN and IE7 open, and scanning nod32.

Problem 3:
My dealer claims that the computer seems to be okey, after 4 weeks of testing. (3 weeks 6 days on standing and picking up dust in the storage, plus 10 minutes of rummage in my private files and 5 minutes to call me back and say everything is fine)

ofcourse they claim that they cannot change a 100% working device.
So here I got 2 options:
1. PROOVE that that it is curropeted by showing tham an OFFICIAL REVIEW that prooves that big defferce between core temps are an unequivocal that it is damaged, and so they will have to change it.
2. BURN the CPU (and nothing but the CPU, not the Mobo, mems, gpu or anything else) so they will have to change it.

I think option 2 is much easier so here is the quesiton:
How do I burn the CPU and leave NO TRACES about it? no traces at all. not in the bios, even in the bios's nastiest dreams.

My mobo is: Gigabyte EP35C-DS3R
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 (yuck!)
RAM: 2x2GB Kingston DDRII 800Mhz
GPU: LeadTek PX8600GT 256MB GDDR3


If someone could give me an official review about quads which shows that my current temp is abnormal and earns a ticket to be swapt to a working cpu - Its even better then burning stuff in my living room.
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  1. Take the heatsink off, press the start button and there ya go, a thoroughly burnt CPU... I don't recommend buring the CPU though since your problem is 99% likely that your heatsink is not seated properly. So, go buy some thermal paste...

    ...and use it to reinstall the HS. after that come back here and we will see what is next.
  2. Why would you want to burn it in the first place? I'll buy it from you and see what I can do with it.

    EDIT: as with the above post, I must agree. Chances are you'r heatsink is not properly set in place. If it is there are 2 options left - either your thermal paste is missing in some areas or you have a dent in your actual heat sink. If its your heatsink then you are gold - get a zalman or watercool.
  3. and see what process is running on the busy core, you could have some malware running there or something...

    and those temp sensors aren't that accurate at 'low' temps.
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