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I have a dell dimension 8400. MY old hard drive had a fatal error, and I replaced with with a new hard drive. I tried to install the os into it, but it says system cannot find hard drive after I push f12 and chose to boot from cd and pressed enter to set up window xp. Can anybody please help?
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  1. Was the old hard drive IDE? Is the new hard drive SATA?

    What version & service pack of XP are you using?
  2. xp home edition
    the new one is sata, I am not sure about old one; it is a Seagate, Barracuda 7200.7 160 g bytes
  3. I think both of them are sata
  4. What service pack is your XP install disc?

    It's real easy to tell if you look at the connector. IDE is a wide pin connector, and SATA is a small squarish connector.

    Look in the BIOS, and see if there is an OS install mode. If yes, enable it.
  5. svc pack 3 xp. both of hard drives are sata connectors. How can I look into the
    BIOS and ck if it is enable or not? thanks.
  6. Tap the delete key repeatedly on startup. That should get you into the BIOS.
  7. Once in Bios, go to advanced BIOS features and check "Hard disk boot priority" and "First/Second/Third Boot Device" check your new disk is detected and selected appropriately. F10 to escape from Bios and answer Y if you made any changes you want to keep.
  8. Thanks a lot for those who tried to help. I tried these steps you recommend and it didn't work out. Maybe there are some hidden problems that I don't know about. I am going to get rid of the computer and get a new one.

    Again, thank you very much.
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