can i run a GTX 280 on Asus IPIBL-LB

[#00f00e]I was wondering if i can run a GTX 280 on a HP Pavilion Elite m9340f Desktop PC,

Motherboard: Asus IPIBL-LB (stone)
Case: HP Case

I measured it and it does have clearance for the size of a GTX 280.
My power supply is a 350W, but i can upgrade to a 700W
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  1. I have the same Motherboard on my A6554f, and the GTX 280 should fit. At the moment I've got an 8800GT in mine (A single slot card obviously fits) so the length isn't going to be a problem. However! It looks like a dual slot card would cover the bottom two Sata slots. I don't know if it would go right over them if they are unoccupied (or even if you could switch the plug to an unoccupied slot), but it might not even clear them. I'd say it'd be a total hit or miss thing. There's a chance it would fit perfectly, but the way the board looks in the layout drawing here: it appears to be made for a single slot card, which leaves you with an 8800GT or an......... ATI card....

    Oh yeah, you're definitely going to need a new power supply. I have a 500W in mine with a single slot 8800GT, so I would go with anything over 500W for the GTX 280. You probably won't need 700W though.

    If you try it, let me know if it fits!

    Hope this helps.
  2. The same motherboard is in my sister's hp m8307c media center desktop pc. Oblivion92 and/or empathy_, could you pls tell me what power supply and video card you're using? I specifically just want to know what 500w power supply will work well with this motherboard/desktop. The hp case for the m8307c is a tower, btw.

    Here is a link to the system:

    My sister wants to upgrade the video card and I informed her she'll also need to upgrade the power supply.

    Would this power supply work:

    And do you think an nvidia 8800gt is a good card for it?

    Keep in mind that an 8400gs is currently being used!! That's crappy.
  3. Did you go with a dual slotted card on the ipibl-lb mobo? I was curious if one could fit. I was looking at
    the XFX Nvidia 9800GTX+. Any suggestions? How did your build go?
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