A Problem has been caused by Nvidia display adapter

GTX 260 @ FTW clocks
Driver 177.83

I hate this stupid error, whenever I play a game; Oblivion, Pure, Mercenaries 2, etc etc.

The game locks up for a bit then refreshes itself making the game virtually unplayable.
Does the new driver help (177.92?)

Do I have a dirty install? I un-installed, booted safe mode, driver swept, re-booted, installed.

Please help.

Running vista-64 fyi
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  1. I got bad news for ya.
    ATi cards run best inside of 64bit VISTA.
    I tried 5 different drivers with my 7800GS inside of Vista 64bit and the system still got stupid on me. Blank screens, lookups, corrupt characters, etc, etc.
    After I bought a HD3850, my problems are gone.
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