Go up to what ghz with a I5 for light gaming and multitask

Hi, i would like to know what would be a reasonnable speed for a i5 750 when i just dont want my cpu to bottle neck too much with gpu.

I5 750
Hd 5770
P55M UD2

Also for my gpu does 950/1250 would be too much or that will be just good for gaming, i ill never benchmark and i dont see the point of goign up to 4ghz.
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    Just go as far as you can with a safe voltage.

    Id estimate 3.8ghz ish.
  2. I'd love to see a curve of stock/mild overclock/heavier overclock heat/power usage. The reviews seem to be info at stock, then at max overclock. Say I want a little boost, without having to deal with the issues of heat/lifespan of the cpu, etc. How does 3.2 work, vs. 3.4 etc
  3. I would go for the maximum OC that can be achieved with STOCK VOLTAGE.
  4. well 3.8ghz should be very easy with just a little bit more voltage that stock. The problem is if i would like to go up to 4ghz and more, at that speed i might need too much voltage to be safe.
  5. According to Intel's datasheet, you should be fine as along as Vcore is within 1.40V(max) and the absolute maximum is 1.55V.
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