Alright, I think everyone will be asking questions when they see this

Intel I7 920 DO
Asus P6T Deluxe V2
4 GB 1600 MHZ DDR3
ATI HD5870
1000 Watt PSU
H50 Corsair Hydro

I lowered my stock voltages and my temps are this high w/ this overclock, never seen something like it.

anyone have suggestions or comments?
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  1. does anyone think my frequency @ lower then stock settings are normal? mayb good cpu, but temps are really high?
  2. IS that a stable overclock?

    Are those temps at load?

    Ive tested quite a few h50's in the past couple months, and have come across one that did something like this. I dont know why, but as soon as i strapped down a new one it worked great.

    The temps were rediculous until i replaced it, i would just rma it and get yourslef a new one.
  3. 100% stable those are temps @ load. Anyone else have any other comments? I think i'm going to clock back to normal bios (2.6ghz) too see if it changes anything. I just bought this whole set up and put it together, i forgot what the temps looked at stock, i believe idle @ 37 vrs now where it is 45 and load stock :??? idk, but anyway anyone feel free to comment please
  4. Damn, whats the batch number?
    Thats a nice CPU.
  6. anyone got an update for me? I dont want to remove my damn H50 but with my VOLTAGE @ 1.92 and these temps, DAMN MY LIFE. Please last suggestions before I trash this PC!!? any help much appreciated!

  7. From what I remember, the H50 setup isn't an amazing cooler. From the reviews I've seen you either go big custom water or just get a big air cooler.

    You've got good clocks at low voltage. I'd get a better cooling solution and then start pushing further, there's a user on here running his happily at 4.4.
  8. hmm, acknowledged.
  9. alright, so i took it all apart re applied AS5 and temps are the same, roughly a little higher. its all reletive, might as well use the stock cooler.
  10. relative
  11. Seriously dude, i am 99% sure that there is a problem with the h50.

    Ive overclcoked my 920 to 4.2 with that with a much higher voltage and it was still fine.
  12. and do not go back to the stock cooler. That's rediculous. Your temps will probably be the same but at stock frequency.

    Being in the 60's at 100% load isn't really a big deal.
  13. ya i know 60's arent bad, but at below stock its just ridic, and im kind of over messing with it anymore... week straight f that.
  14. I thought it was in the 60's at 4Ghz?
  15. SpidersWeb said:
    I thought it was in the 60's at 4Ghz?

    That's what I'm seeing from the pictures (please use screenshots next time, they're much easier to read ;)). I don't see anything at or below stock there, except maybe the voltage.
  16. Well the temp still seems a bit rediculous. The speed doesnt affect the temp nearly as much as voltage.
  17. *This info maybe useful for people wanting or thinking about buying the Corsair H50.*

    Yeah, well... I will see if the "Cycle Duty" (Artic Silver 5, cycle duty = applying the compound and taking effect) makes any difference in temperature, meanwhile I will be swapping out the radiator stock fan with something w/ twice as much CFM. From what I can tell the pump seems to be working because its @ 1400 RPM (Fan Control) and the wires that the water is being passed through are moving. So, I have already reseated the Heat sink, re-applied Artic Silver 5 Correctly, and resat the CPU and I will post back when I get more results. I'll try and get before and after of the old fan to new fan and so on
  18. ^ Yeah, but the H50 i was using was working aswell, it just wasnt working very good.

    I think this happens 1/50 or so.
  19. Cycle Duty is poop.
    I've been setup for over 2 months. Exactly the same results at same ambient.
    In maybe a years time you'll see like 1C or 2C (article I read somewhere, AS5 apparently to cycle needs heat ups and shutdowns, if you use the PC once a day it works out at like 1-2 years or something - facts are vauge, but don't rely on cycle duty).

    I wouldn't expect a 120mm radiator setup to cool an i7 920 @ 4Ghz. That's all the H50 is isn't it? I also wonder how it is 'quieter' since it still uses a fan to cool the radiator?

    hmm all this talk of water cooling and my current bank balance... I'm gonna go price me some stuff.
  20. Well, I agree that it is only a 120mm radiator setup, but under volting and I have the same temps is very messed. I dont know if I can say the fan is quiet because I got a lot of other fans running at the same time. Oh, But I'm swapping out the stock fan w/ a fan w/ x2 the CFM. Will post when I get results.
  21. Do you know there's a PRINT SCREEN key at the upper right corner of your keyboard?
  22. lol in caps too?
  23. im going to mc in tustin and they only have batch # 3939B078. are these good then?
  24. I've re-read this thread twice and I still don't see what the problem is.

    H50 is comparable to a high end Air cooler, those temps are good for any air cooler.
  25. Carlitos, they are good chips. I got my H50 @ load to 55C w/ 4GHZ @ 1.92Volts. Compared to 69.
  26. what wait 1.92v?????? thats high!!!!!!!!!!!!
  27. is suppose to be 1.192 right now 1.92?
  28. Yes, 1.192*
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