New system build having HDD issues?

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I received all my new computer parts and built the following system:

Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0 GHz
GSkill 2x2 GB RAM
WD Caviar Blue 640GB
700W OCZ Stealth PSU

Boot sequence is fine, I can get to BIOS, load from CD/DVD, etc.
However, there is no POST beep.

I have attempted to install Windows 7 x64 Pro two times now and it always gives me a BSOD while somewhere in the middle of "Expanding files." The BSOD the first time was ntfs.sys related and the second time it didn't have a sys file, only a 0x24 STOP.

I proceeded to go into the recovery console and run chkdsk /r for a thorough examination of the HDD. After attempting to install again, same 0x24 STOP error.

I'm at a loss here, can't imagine what might be wrong since all the parts came fresh out of the box last night.

Anyone have any insight? Thanks for taking your time to read my post :)
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  1. Do you have a speaker on the MB? Some are built in some have to be added on during the build.
    Chech the bios and make sure everything is set to what it should be, Mem speed, cpu clock. Also check temps.
    Check cd for scratches also.
  2. I managed to get it to finish installing after a few more tries.
    Now it randomly blue screens after initial booting of Windows.

    Same 0x24 STOP.

    I checked the BIOS for mem speed/cpu clock/temps and they were all good. I will check for the POST test beeps when I get my hands on some speakers.

    This is very strange, seems like some hardware is unstable, but which?

    Should I try a different hard drive or running tests like memtest86?
  3. From google it sounds like you might have a bad drive. I would try a different drive and see how it goes. I guess it could be bad memory causing some errors also.
    As for the speaker, it would connect directly to the mothrboard on two small pins down where you attached the power switch, HDD led, etc... Normal audio speakers won't work. It's possible your board doesn't have one at all.
  4. Did you run Memtest to see your memory is not corrupt? With bad memory, such errors could certainly occur.

    You can download any Ubuntu cd, after booting you get a menu and you can select MemTest86+.
  5. I ran a memtest and got 2056 errors after 12 passes.
    Went into my mobo settings and set the RAM setting from Turbo to Standard and the voltage to 2.0V (these are the RAM specs). Ran another memtest and no errors after 5 passes.

    Windows has been running for 2 hours without errors so far.
    Turns out the mobo was just trying to use the RAM in an aggressive way or something...
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