Could I just ask:
If my optical drive has a long, thing and wide cable that plugs into the motherboard, does that mean thats its an EIDE cable?

If so, could anyone show me an LGA775 (Core 2 Duo E8400) and motherboard that has an EIDE port, and can be used with an HD 4870? (Price £50 - £70).

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  1. Yep, a wide thin cable would be IDE. You can find IDE port on 99% of the socket 775 motherboards out there. Some will list it as PATA.

    Your looking at something like a P43 chipset or lower end P45 chipset motherboard.

    Something like this Asus P43 P5Q L should work for your budget.

    This might work also, because the IDE connector is located in a easier to access location.

    You should shop around and find one that has the features you are looking for and is at the price you can afford. Also take into consideration the location of the IDE port, because some designs will require you to move your Optical drive lower in a tower case.
  2. Thanks so much, never realised that most motherboards had IDE ports!
    And I think I'll go with the P5Q.
    Thanks again.
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