Question about what mobo to get

I think it's between the X48 and the P45.

Build as of now:

Basically I'm curious if I should spend $100 more on the X48 and get 1 4870 in case I decide to Crossfire or SLI in the future (probably not)

Or should I save $100 and get the P45, and also get the 4870x2. The P45 cannot SLI, but it can Crossfire at 8x link, so his is more ideal since I have the "not gonna Crossfire or SLI" mentality.

I'm not sure of anything else, but if you have any other points for getting one board over the other, feel free to mention them.

Also that is my next question. 4870x2 is 1 card, multi GPU. The P45 wouldn't get confused or anything about the 8x link thing would it?

Thoughts and opinions appreciated
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  1. alright i'm ordering it right now, so unless someone responds like right now, i'm going x48/4870
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