Asus P5Q users - Vista (64Bit)- RAM & Video memory reporting wrong

I just installed Vista Ultimate SP1 (64 Bit) on my new pc and i am having problem with vista reporting all wrong memory.

NOTE: Mobo Asus P5Q deluxe and I have already tried "Memory Hole Remapping" & ENABLED memory remapping through bios.

1] I have 4GB Ram and its showing, BUT, under System information its showing:

Total physical memory – 4GB
Available physical memory – 2.85GB

2] I have ATI 4870 1GB, but in "Dxdiag" under display, its showing:

Approx. Total memory – 2809MB

And in "Display settings -> Adapter" -
Total available graphics memory: 2815 MB
System video memory: 0 MB
Shared system memory: 1791 MB

Whats going on ?
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  1. Install newest Catalyst drivers from the ATI website and look again. Also update your Direct X.
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