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I am currently running a 7900GT (PCI express x16). Is it worth upgrading to a 8800GTS or should I wait, upgrade my motherboard (so I can run express 2.0) and then get a new card?

Motherboard: ASUS P5B
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  1. Well, to be honest I myself was asking myself that same question aswell, should I upgrade just the GPU or buy a whole new rig?

    When I looked at my old time rig, the MB was outdated the Processor was outdated, so I myself am going to buy a full fletched machine from the get-go, my friend however decided to go for the 8800GTS and use that as a pit-stop to save up for a massive overhaul.

    It’s actually his teaser for “things-to-come”.

    So if you want to wait for a new system, you could just go off and buy the 8800GTS or you can save a few months more buy a new PCIe 2.0 MB and go with a 4850, or 4870.
    It’ll cost a little bit more, but if you ever decide to buy a new card you can just go and buy any card you wish, for now the 8800GTS seems to be the highest-end card that you MB will fully support.
  2. Thanks.
  3. I would say, wait or get a higher card like 4850 or a GTX. from 7900gt to 8800gts seem like a waste of money to me.

    one more thing. ur mobo is decent. you dont need to upgrade to pcie2.0. Right now there is no benefit because no single Vcard use up all the pcie x16 bandwidth. I think..........(O.O")
  4. No, you do not need to upgrade your motherboard to fully utilise any of the current generation single GPU cards.
    A 16x PCIe 1.1 slot still has plenty of bandwith and will in no way hinder an 8800GTS 512.

    7900GT => 8800GTS 512 will be a HUGE jump in performance!
    You should definatly upgrade but consider getting a 4850 for about the same cost.
    It will give you about the same or a little more performance then a 9800GTX+ for quite a bit less.
  5. i second outlw6669. pcie 1.1 bus is not saturated by current gen pcie 2.0 cards.

    And, the 4850 is a nice card once i got all the quirks worked out with vista 64
  6. My pair has been working great with Vista 64 ever sence C8.8 was out.
    Try updating to 8.9 and see how that treats you.
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