Q6600 oc freeze

i have a Q6600 overclocked to 3.5ghz @1.39v on an XFX 750i.

it is stable for 24 hours in OCCT and Prime95, but for some reason, it suffers from random freezes.

the computer doesnt bluescreen, or shut down, just locks up.

the NB and VTT voltages are still stock, the only voltages i adjusted were CPU and RAM.

any ideas? thanks
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  1. When does it freeze? In game?
    Playing games stresses a different part of the chip then pi calculations,

    GPU temps?
    If theyre exceeding 105c then thats your problem

    Any overclock on GPU's?
    Id so have you tested them for stability?

    Operating system?
    If your running xp, it runs into alot of this crap, i reccomend upgrading.

    Latest video drivers?
    Upgrade to the latest video drivers and see if that helps.

    If all else fails then its your overclock.... like i said in the first quesion, Playing games stresses a different part of the chip then pi calculations.

    Hope that helps.
  2. some people aren't happy until they have blown up their computers. just accept that you have exceeded the limitations of that particular system before you completely destroy it.
  3. @ David: i have this chip to 3.6 before now, but that was on a previous mobo, and i was asking for help, not to be put down. i know the risks, and decided it was worth it.

    @overshocked: GPU's are actually underclocked, as they did not like running at the factory OC i bought them with, reduced it to refernce speeds and they run fine. temps never exceed 65.

    OS: windows 7 right now, but it also did the same under vista, never tried XP with the overclock for more than 5 mins.

    yep, latest video drivers.

    and it doesnt crash during games, just when its idling or surfing the net.

    thanks for your help.
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