which brand should i go for??

I intend to buy an ATI Radoen 4870X2.

does the manufacturer matter when it comes to a graphic card?? which one should i go for- gigabyte, palit, MSI, powercooler etc....
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  1. Look at the warranties and other benefits of going with a certain company. Some are better than others in that they offer lifetime warranties, cover overclocking, cover replacement of the HSF if you want to go with watercooling, etc. You have to decide of the extra few $$ is worth it or not.
  2. it's all pretty much the same card.

    the only difference from time to time is a certain brand would factory OC it, but you can do that yourself with any other card, and they just charge you a bit more for the "factory OC".

    otherwise, the other difference is the warranties covered on each brand of card you get.

    i recommend visiontek because they have lifetime warranties on their card.

    enjoy ur 4870x2!
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