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im useing a Fatality mother board, i have a 40gig as c:, a 120gig as d:, an 80gig as e:, and a hp DVD drive as f:
all hard drives drives are WD w/8mb cach.

I primarly use my E drive as a loader so active programs are loaded here, D is just storage and C is the OS drive.

My problem if it is a problem, is that my E drive is powering down on its own. As active programs are in use and all.
The drive is still seen by my OS and all programs have continued to run once it powers down, i assume this is caue the program at that point is running from the ram?

My main concern is that the powering down, of the drive will eventualy damage the drive, cause when it does power down its Loud Tick then spin down.

I have done thies steps to resolve my issue
1) replaced the E drive with a newer same model /siize drive
2) checked my Bios for power managment that may be turning it off
3) changed its position on the secondary ide cabe to make it primary or secondary with my DVD drive on the same cable

none of thies have resolved my issue.
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  1. Windows will power down any un-used drives by default i believe - check windows power options
  2. Intresting, I had checked the Windows 7 power options but had not found the solution. Upon further review of the Power settings i noticed the / system>power options>Edit Plan Settings*. Once there I then again notice another option I had missed (Change advanced power setting) . Once that menu opened up walla second option on the list -20min-

    Really? On a standered ide drive its ok to turn it off and on all the time? Is this a bug in windows 7 since the programs installed on the E: driver were transfered there not installed?

    The drive should have been active, a video game was launched and running from the drive that was shutting down?

    Thanks for the heads up, They sure have gotten good at hideing things and saying its easyer to use now, haven't they ..
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