P5Q or P5Q-Pro for Overclocking Q6600? No CF in near future.

Q6600 which I plan to run with a TRUE. 4 GB PC2-6400. HD 4850
I saw that the NB and SB cooling in the P5Q seemed to be better than that in the Pro
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  1. The NB/Mosfet cooling on the P5Q Pro sucks. The regular P5Q with the little yellow flared pieces has more adequate cooling, larger NB and individual pieces on BOTH rows of mosfets. Neither one of them will overheat or anything, but Its still a stupid decision to cool one row of mosfets but not the other, espically on a top tier board.
  2. You have a P5Q-Pro, how is it? Or maybe I should pay 1.5 times the price and go for an MSI X48C Platinum? What should I get?
  3. Anyone?
  4. I got the P5Q and OC my e8400 to 4.0

    Good little board.
  5. most popular P45 to this date..
  6. I`ve had P5Q pro for several months now with e5200@3.6 and it works a treat, I didnt have a single problem with it(and hope it stays that way :)
  7. I am OCing a Q6600 at 3.0 using P5Q - works great. P45 is great performance/$$$$. Some will say dont use P45 for crossfire. I think it is a great choice for the OP's single 4850 using PCIe 2.0 -X16 slot. But this chipset does support from 1 - 4, X8 depending on the MB make and model and this produces crossfire benchmarks at 1680 X 1050 that is within 5 percent of X48 chipsets. I think you win with P5Q no matter how you run.
  8. My question is not about whether to go P45 or not, but P5Q or P5Q-Pro.
    And how do they compare with the MSI X48C Platinum? I have 2x 2GB DDR2 800. And does the DDR3 RAM used by X48 the same as that used by X58? Or are they dual channel and triple channel (incompatible with each other)?
  9. The answer is: it all depends on what YOU want/need from a mobo. Jthorn is happy with p5q, Im happy with pro version, and Im pretty sure that whichever you pick you also will be happy with. And ddr3 is ddr3, its a standard so they are the same just speeds will vary.
  10. I want to use it mainly for gaming, overclocking, have 2 hard disks and a sata dvd burner. So want enough sata ports. And what exactly is eSATA?
    I also want PCI-E 2.0
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