low 3dmark vantage score, thoughts?

Hi all,

Just ran 3dmark vantage on my new radeon 4850; and I got a score of P4931

This seems pretty low.

Is this because the rest of the system is slowing it down? If so, am I better off selling the gfx card and waiting to upgrade the whole system to make it worthwhile?

My spec:

OS: Vista Ultimate
CPU: AMD Opteron 165 @ 1.80 ghz
RAM: 2.5gig
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  1. Dide i personally think its your cpu. Its a MAJOR factor. and you could always do with a lil bit more ram!

    But im not that hardcore about synthetic benchmarks... Just go out and game. if you like it then be with it! :)
  2. 2gigs are enough, more wouldn't hurt but it won't effect your score. It's likely your CPU, if your mobo supports newer cpus you could get X2 6000+ or maybe one of the faster phenoms
  3. Dont know about Vantage but 3dm06 is very CPU reliant and you are definitely holding back the GPU with your CPU

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