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hey guys... I need help choosing a vga. Thing is, prices here (Lebanon) are different. They tend to be way more expensive than anywhere else. So here's a list of the cards and their prices in Lebanon:

* Sapphire HD3870 512MB DDR4 $179.00
* Sapphire HD3850 512MB DDR3 $171.00
* Gecube ATI Radeon HD3870 512MB DDR4 $181.00
* Gecube ATI Radeon HD3850 512MB DDR3 $135.00
* XFX Geforce PCX 9800GT 512MB DDR3 $210.00
* EVGA Geforce 8800GT 512MB DDR3 $228.00

Which one's the best card for its local price? Obviously, the 9800gt/8800gt's are probably the best of the bunch, but I'm looking for the best price for performance ratio.

My current system specs are:

CPU: Intel C2D E6750 @ 2.66GHz
mobo: Intel DP35DP
RAM: 2GB DDR2 800MHz @ 5-5-5-18
VGA: *cough*ATI Radeon X1550 512mb*cough*

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. May want to check into a 4670 from ATI as well, pretty close in performance to the 3850, may be cheaper. If money is not an object, I think I'd be looking to the 9800gt myself.
  2. With that list,I'd probably get the Sapphire 3870. 9800GT edges ahead of it, but not $30 in my opinion.
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