A truly flawless budget/gaming build? Advise wanted

I have been thinking on this build for about 2 months now and i cant stop thinking about it!...
I have surf the same sites over and over dreaming on how happy ill be whenever i lay my hands on it so here it goes, but before i want to make something clear for you guys before you give me some advice about it:
- I will OC it so im looking for best bang for the buck vs OC capability results CPUs
- Ill run it on a 1400x900 nat res for gamming.
- And above any priority, Ill shoot in favor of the good quality but cheapest hardware that once OCed, will indeed give me a great performance compared to its budget price!.

Now I'm a bit confused of either Intel e2160 or e2180, is there any performance difference between them once they're OCed above 3.2 ? What about e2200? is it worth to pay 10$ or 5$ more for its higher brother?
or should i go for 44412 timings ?
is it worthy of 10 more dollars ?
CPU fan
Gfx Card
Think this 4850 is a great deal with is aftermarket fan
Optical drive
And this is where i get anxious cuz im not sure of how much food i need to feed this baby, but i cannot spend more than 90$ on it.
Ive been looking toward these (rmb that ill OC):

A total of 685$ on Newegg...
I have stretch the money as much as i can and i get this boy, and i hope you guys stretch it even more! :D
I would love some advise and flames
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  1. spend the extra money on the gigabyte board. the price difference on the ram is small enough for me to say go for the lower latency ram. as for the psu, get the OCZ one. it's cheapest after rebates, and it's a quality unit. i have a 500W OCZ psu and it's extremely quiet and reliable.
  2. I'd go cheap on the RAM, tighten up the timings yourself. $19.50 after rebate
    Go with the P45 motherboard for overclocking
    I'd go with a cheaper OCZ PSU
    Then use the $$ savings from the RAM and the PSU to upgrade the CPU to an Intel E7200
  3. i second the P45 mobo for overclocking i just put one in my new baby and haven't had a chance to overclock her yet because i still need to get a new CPU heatsink, ohh and my recomendation if you really want a good quality board is an Asus P5Q-Pro P45 chipset mobo it is 150 dollars but worth the extra money
  4. ok so i will give you a 9.5/10 for the parts that is a lot better than most people ever do so good job

    first lets get the stuff i like out of the way

    CPU, CPU cooler, hdd, case, and GPU

    now my picks on the listed stuff i still like most of these

    mobo: i would go with the P45 by gigabyte just a better board

    PSU: the corsair has my recommendation (i have the 750watt model and i love it)

    and last memory here is where i counted off: 2 gb on a gaming comp almost doesn't cut it now especially with vista i would definately recommend 4gb of memory it isn't that much more maybe $30 also go with the lower timings if you don't get more memory they are only 5 bucks more...

    overall great build better buget build than most people's i see
  5. I appreciate the advices and thoughts...
    Now i made a build 2 month ago with that very psu dirtmountain, the ocz 600w one. That build was acctually with a p5q-pro, e8400 and 4850 and have perform just well so I might get the same and save 20 bucks, however, is 600w enought wattage to hold the whole system once its OCed?? and if that the case, the Corsair 550w would be enought ?

    I was actually getting 4gb at the beginning but hen i cut them in half to save 40$... remember that its a budget build, however, i was prepared to upgrade to 4 gb adding 2 sticks more so that is why i chose an 64b OS for the build whether i chose 2 or 4 gigs of ram...

    Alright, i thing ill go with the 55515 sticks to save some money there, and go with the Gigabyte mobo atm. keep the advices comming :P
  6. The OCZ 600w would be enough, the Corsair 550w is also enough and a higher quality unit. I was just trying to get some lower priced items on your budget so you could upgrade the CPU. I think the E7200 is a much better choice if you can swing it. If you can stretch your budget a bit i'd get 4 GB of RAM for Vista. Mushkin DDR2 800 1.8v 5-4-4-12 timings $70
  7. 2GB is not enough RAM
  8. I'd look at getting 2x2gb sticks of ram. Generally it's found to be more stable when you populate the two main Dimm slots on a mobo and you will also have the option to add two more if you ever found the need for it down the road. I realize it's a budget build but at such low prices you can't go wrong with 4GB of ram.
  9. This is prefect ram at $70 after rebate...


    And if you don't like rebates....


    You'll appreciate the extra ram :D trust me!
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