XFX 780I MFG support issue

I am not one to make waves but I have started to see a issue with the MFG in China for XFXForce mother boards and cards. Please help me get them to fix there issue with quality and a possible fire hazard.

http://www.la.bbb.org/BusinessReport.aspx?CompanyID=13204616 (note all hardware issues)

My BS with there support!
[ 12/3/2008 7:40:51 AM] I put my system together and this is just a very nice board. I go to boot up and nothing. 1000.00cpu and 2000.00 in parts and on for 1 sec and off. I have put at least 100 systems together and know it is a issue with a card or mem. Checked on old board and good. So I take off the processor ( was very hard to remove) and it looks as if the pins toward the caps bent at 3 pins but bent up not down? The cpu works fine in the old board and I think this is a issue. I know the new QX extreems are fitting tight on some boards but I have never seen pins bend up! Out post tells me I need to contact you and not bring it back as they will just refer me to you. I asked some of the other network admin`s if they had this issue and only on the Asus micro stuff. It is now shipping with a different hold down. Is this a common issue. I bought this board because it is supposed to be the best of the best. Why did it have this issue. How can I get this fixed? This is my 12 year old girls Christmas gift. There is no way I can go out and spend another 200.00+ for a board that might do the same thing.....Can you please look into this issue. My kid has been bugging me for this all year. I do think it is very nice just the pin issue. Thank god the water cooler worked. I will pay for a upgrade if there is one to get this pin issue not to happen and to give my girl a better system than the boys!DDR3 would be nice. Happy holidays Todd
[DANIEL_E 12/3/2008 10:19:22 PM] Hi, the pins on the socket being bent isn`t a common issue that we see. The pins will only become bent during install. Sometimes what happens is if the cpu isn`t seated perfectly before the latch is closed it can bend some of the pins. Usually you can slightly rub the pins with your finger and you can get the pins to go back down. Physical damage isn`t covered under our warranty however if you can take a picture(s) of the cpu socket and email those to me. That way we can get an idea of what sort of damage there is. Confirm that we have your full name, best shipping address for receiving a delivery with signature required (no PO Boxes allowed for our FedEx shipments) and telephone number posted in your Customer Profile online. Daniel
[ 12/4/2008 8:15:22 AM] I posted some pic`s of the spot that looks the worst. I am not great at taking pic`s and not letting the kid know what she got for Xmass. She has no idea that we were able to save just enough to get her this stuff. Water cooled and clear case ect. No tree this year, but I was able to get her her dream computer. I do not even have a computer as cool as this. Microsoft wanted to see the cpu and we now have a new cpu also. They even gave me a .5mhz faster one....cool This cpu is very clean on the edges. The old one looked rougher around the cut outs. This cpu came in a unmarked box? I also sent them the link to the photo`s so they get a idea of my issue. I have never seen this happen. As you can see from the photo`s I am not a dumb user. I used to be the network admin for Chase. I built a lot of servers and others over the last 13 years. In any case here are some pic`s. If you would like more let me know. If I can get a upgrade so this will not happen again let me know how much it is and how to pay and that way I can get her gamer system together to show the neighborhood boys who is the real girl! Next year I should get enough to buy some of the best pci-e cards you offer....Thanks Daniel and Happy Holidays from (eddited out) Link to pic`s I hope http://cid-0765e0b1378c57de.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/Public?authkey=2139JAPSe!Y%24
[ 12/4/2008 8:19:05 AM] (Personal contact info eddeted out.)
[ 12/4/2008 8:20:57 AM] http://cid-0765e0b1378c57de.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/Public?authkey=2139JAPSe!Y%24
[ 12/9/2008 6:41:04 PM] is this the same board as EVGA nForce Ultra SLI Motherboard? I saw it at amazon and the guy at compusa told me they are the same. They have a no issue return policy. So if it takes a crap on install I can bring it back to compusa and I will get a new one. They have not seen my issue before but did say there were some bio issue. No issue right now he knew of. They also offer this combo that might be what I need EVGA nForce 780i SLI FTW GTX 280 Bundle - Socket 775 DDR2 3-Way SLI ATX Motherboard, 1GB GDDR3 PCI Express Video Card I can give them my board and 500.00 for it. My board is working but it looks bad at the pins and compusa said not to trust it. Will you guys be able to help me with the pin issue or should I dump it for the EVGA stuff. Time is running out for the santa time and I need to get this done. It is her only gift we could afford this year. Thanks Todd
[ 12/11/2008 5:31:46 AM] Hello, I do not mean to bother you guys over there..........but will we get this resolved by Xmass? If not that is fine I will just get a new board at fry`s again. Just not a xfx... lol This looked like a great board - hope we can get it fixed in time for xmass! Thanks again Todd
[ 12/14/2008 10:22:37 AM] Just checking up on the progress of the ticket? I will check back in a few days again. I hope I can get this resolved before XMass Day :( (Edited out)
[ 12/17/2008 6:04:47 AM] So, I guess nothing is going to happen before Xmass. lol I was kinda hoping to get this issue worked out before Xmass so my kid could get a computer she wanted. If you can, would you give me a time frame on this service ticket please. Should I just send it back to you and get this moving faster? Most of the time when I have or if I have a issue with a product it only takes me a few days to make progress with customer service. I was thinking about getting a XFX video card for me to game a little on my system to play with the kid. But with support like this it makes me question purchasing another XFX product! Will it take me months to get something else fixed if I have a issue or it fails? Please do not get me wrong here. I do understand that it is Xmass time. But, at the same time I am sure you see my point also. Not trying to be a jerk, just wondering if I need to get another MFG board from a diff company to get this issue ended before XMass. Thanks
[ERIK_A 12/17/2008 10:49:41 PM] Hi Todd, Sorry for the delay. Pin damage actually isnt normally covered warranty, the board would actually be rejected at our facility upon inspection if received like that. All those pins are inspected by hand right before the CPU covers are installed and the board package. I notice you got the board at Fry`s, its not uncommon for Fry`s to place open box products back on the shelf, have you tried to return the board to them as that is likely what will have to happen? Also if you contact our support number 1-800-880-3225 which is open from 9-5 pst mon-fri you should be able to talk to one of our reps. Thanks, Erik
[ 12/18/2008 8:50:14 AM] Uh, I think that the question was not that it did this before install. It was new when I pulled it from the box. I put on my cpu as I explained to Daniel. I was not able to get it to boot up. Started to remove other cards. Starting with 2nd pci`e then my 1000g network card and then 2 of the 4 sata150 and then the sata solid state drive and then dvd and then changed out power supply and used 3 different ddr`s to see if was a mem issue. Fans would run I would get a beep from the speaker and then shut down. No I was at cpu or board. So to check the board I needed to remove my cooling fan as I had not gone to my liquid cooling yet. I never do I always test first. On my Turex Acrylic PCie Case then after all test out good I move to my case and liquid cool. When I was removing the cpu fan I noticed that the cpu was a little hoter than normal. No discoloration or paste melting but a little warmer than the 20 or so others I have built. When I released the cpu hold down lock the cpu did not pop up a little like they do normally. When I tried to remove the cpu it felt like it was sticky on the board side. I was as careful as I could be and pulled up with only enough force to remove the cpu. It felt like there was tape or something sticky on the board side and it suddenly pulled off. That is when I saw the pins pulled up. The pins are not down or pushed to the side or hit or scrapped in any way. For some reason they are pulled up. Up! I have never come across this before. I called Intell and there was no issue getting the cpu replaced even though the cpu was not damaged. I was told by intell it could be a voltage issue or dust spark or ? In any case the pins stick to the cpu in that one area. Fry`s will not cover the board and say that I need to contact the MFG. That is where I left off at with Daniel. I am sure that if I tell the manager MR Kim of the Alpreta Ga fry`s I am closing my Company account and talk to a few friends over at mwave I can get a new board. But, this should be something covered under the MFG. I will start posting some more pics on the OC`ers boards and toms hardware site and see if more people are having this issue. I was not aware that shorted pins were not coverd under XFX and I am sure this will be good to let others know in OC`er fourms. Most of us that by this board buy them because we love speed and cool stuff. But support is also something we use from time to time and knowing a MFG will not support a board issue is good to know. Thanks for your time and have a good XMass Todd

I have been around for 15 years in this feild and have been a network admin for a lot of LA company's including Rent.com Alloverla.com Westsiderentals.com and 20 others including Chase. Why is XFXForce trying not to support motherboards for intel? I tried to help them in all ways I could went out of my way to post very close up pics and offered to send it to them for review on my dollar.
Something is going on over there and it is not good. If you have any info on how I can get this issue looked into please post it here.

PS By the way Tom, do you still go to the computer shows in LA? I have not seen you in like 10 years......lol
After all you are a brain and used to be into some really cutting edge stuff! Please help! Anything you guys can do out there will be helpful.

Thanks Toadworks
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  1. Here are some pic's notice the pins are not bent only pulled up from the cpu. For some reason it looks like the pins arched or welded to the cpu. This is a brand new board. XFXFroce will not support it or fix or replace it. I feel it is a fire hazard. The BBB has had 20 complants in the last few months about this. If yo have had this issue post a reply here and lets see if we can get support to fix our issue before some one burns there home down for XMass from a faulty 775 socket or pots!



  2. Still nothing from them! But I did get a email from intel asking if the cpu worked out ok with the new one I was sent. I had to tell them that the mfg XFXfroce had said they would not replace the broad. I told them I did not want to risk putting it on the board the way it was just in case it did it again. I have no got a asus board and no issues runs like a dream with water cooling. I will post some pictures this next few weeks as I finish my acrylic case and get more of a ehiem type pump. My asus was shipped with a dirty chip set water cooler and seemed a little loose. A call to asus could have gotten a new board but the tech and I decided to remove and replace the heat sink they sent fed-ex today. I never asked for a new heat sink. I think they just felt sorry for the xfx and new they had a new customer. But, after my XFX ordeal I felt like testing there support too.
    I think Tom should do a issue on who has the best support for users.
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