CPU: Phenom 9600 @ stock - TLB fix activated
MoBo: M2n SLi-Deluxe
CPU Cooler: Xigi S1283
OS: Win7 64Bit Ultimate

Hi, I rescently made the move from Vista32 to Windows7 64
i had tried the beta versions of win7 from almost the very start
but almost straight away i noticed some serious instabilities in the OS consisting of constant freezing
which nobody seamed to be able to fix at the time. It seamed to be a problem with 64bit vista/win7
and my Setup.

so i just stuck with Vista32 until the official release. I just went and got the OS and installed it, to find it
freezing again, after some fiddling with cool 'n quit i seam to have fixed all but some of the instability
(still has some issues come out of sleep)

but now ive noticed that my CPU fan is all but not moving, and my CPU is hitting almost 60°C
so i moved the CPU fan over to the PSU fan header and within 2 minutes temps where well below 30°C again.
but now my computer is ridiculously unstable again.

So at the moment i must choose between instability and cooking my CPU.

has anybody seen a similar problem, is there something i should change in my BIOS
has i currently have the Q-Fan inabled set at Performance, although turning Q-Fan off seams to not help.

EDIT: i dont know if maybe it is faulty memory moving from 32 to 64, as that activated more RAM could that
of highlighted a faulty module?
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  1. wow... I would say clear your cmos ad start fresh to see if it's something you change in the bios that's causing this problem... hope it helps
  2. thanx, will do now.
    i might even update the BIOS if there are any more updates
    i am currently running an 3 Pin Chassis fan off the CPU header
    and balancing it on the top of the Xigi (if you have seen one installed you should be able to visualize)
    the Xigi fan is now plugged into the fan header as before, and the freezing seams to have no occured.
    all though 25minutes of stability isnt worthing partying over. LOL.

    the Chassis fan (3pin) seams to be going at its expected max speed plugged into the CPU plug.
    so im thinking maybe the BIOS is having issues with the CPU's 4th pin. and windows was just
    skitzing when it saw that the CPU fan was @ 0RPM.

    will keep all informed.

    PS. im in Brisbane,QLD,Australia. We have an expected max of 34 Celcius today. although my Hard drives
    are showing 40 (they ussualy show the ambient temp) so im quite happy with my CPU showing 46 at the moment.

    completely off topic. but can anybody think of a reason why my processor
    Phenom 9600
    wont post above 2.3Ghz even at 2.4
    it wont last a minute in windows without freezing. my temps are well within limits (whenever i try and OC its around midnight)
    but it wont even do a 100Mhz OC. i turn ram and HTT down. and ive used this board to OC my old 4000+ with good success.

    i just dont get it
  3. ok, computer went so horrifically unstable after making that post.
    that i am only just able to post. and im typing damn fast. things have gone.
    BAD. no idea why, but its freezing within 200 seconds or so. of boot.

    well, keeping it short. will keep updated. PLZ HELP!
  4. hmm.. well before previous post. i reset the CMOS/BIOS wateva.
    and well, stable seams to be the CURRENT situation with my PC.
    i dont want to jynx it like my previous post. but erm, things are lookin better.

    i dont expect 100% stability from this computer.
    and i do believe it is time to get a new motherboard and CPU

    X2 550 with unlocked cores looks like my new path.

    ....maybe thats it, my componenents are sencing the end :D

    PS. The first things that i got after my CMOS whipe were.

    CMOS checksum errors... dah
    keyboard errors (cable come out)
    and CPU fan speed error <-- indicating a problem, even after BIOS whipe, the xigi fan is going TOO SLOW (400-500RPM)
  5. Update your BIOS. It really seems like a BIOS issue.

    For example, unlocking my 4th core on my Phenom II X3 was unstable because of Asus BIOS. Now they dealt with the problem and my PC don't crash anymore.

    The lesson of the story, if something strange happens related to frequent crashes, go check your motherboard BIOS updates.
  6. yeah. ive had a look through and my BIOS is at the latest possible edition
    although after the CMOS whipe ive not had a single freeze, ive not been brave enough to take the CPU fan out of its main header, and its gunna be a hot day. but right now. its still stable.
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