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Right, first things first. This isn’t the first time I’ve built my own computer, but, this is the first time i have had a problem like this.

I brought myself a shiny new Q6600/Asus p5q pro/4gcorsair p6400 i already had a HDD which is the western 10000rpm 150gb / and Ati 4870 as well as a 850w thermaltake psu.

So all this new gear arrived and i was a happy as larry set it up and pulled out my shiny 64bit vista, everything went fine got into windows and started setting in vista and installing drivers(64bit ones) etc. So i launch a game and the computer starts to restart by it's self I’m thinking overheating. So i check the heat sink on cpu and temps in bios everything seams fine. Also Check event viewer not alot of information there! so i say to myself could be my gfx so i swap it for my 1950xt and everything works fine!

So is that my Psu playing up? 4870 sucking too much power and taking it from mobo etc? I thought about getting myself a new psu. Then all over a sudden my pc fails to launch Disk error bah bah.

I think fs, this is a pain in the arse so i check all cables are connected and bois is reading a HDD and it is - right i said, ill try and repair this windows so i go through all the sets again and get to the format screen in vista install and HDD doesn’t show up!!! couldn’t bliming believe it! so i restart and load bios and nope nothing there!

What a bugger i thought! so i went to my wardrobe and grabbed an old HDD - cleared cmos loaded drive and everything looks great in bois intil i get to the same point in Vista and it doesn’t show! Then when i restart it's not even in bl(ody bois any more.

So i am just totally confused! So i have 2 HDD that dont work and a 4870gfx that seamed to crash the comp in games

What should i do buy a HDD? PSU? mobo?

Thank you in advance Gents
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  1. Hard disk not showing in the bios:

    Try clearing the bios.
    Check the data cables for the hard disk. Try new ones.
    Is the power connected to the hard disk?
    Reload Windows.

    Maybe a bad motherboard if hard disks are working okay.
  2. Tried all of what you said again. No success, so went out and brought a new mobo same one i shall check it later this evening. Thank you for a reply
  3. Set bios out reboot rempratures higher and alarm sound lower. If it is a temprature issue, it will sound the allarm before rebooting.

    Also, check out the specs for your PSU, mainboard and grapics card and see if your are using the power connectors straight from the PSU or if you have an splitter/dual connector between them. Maybe you are pulling to much amps out of one power wire.

    Last check, run a mainboard and Gaphic card driver update, along with an Direct X update.

    Due to some crossfire issues, allot of ATI graphic card updates are being made, maybe causing some instabilities here and there (sometimes weekly updates, makes me think it is not a fully stable test version).

    Last option can als be a bad internal memory chip. Try running a high resourch program/benchmark which is not using must graphic power. Maybe this will crash the system as well.

    Trick I use in the past, if I can't find hte problem, is install Win98Se. It will fail to install and recognize parts that are not working, which should give you a clear view of what part is dead (although I am not certain if this will work with the current new generation of devices, as last time I did this trick was before the dual core generation).
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