Full Tower Case with Removable MOBO tray for under $130?

Does anyone know of any full tower cases that have a removeable motherboard tray and can have ATX and a good reputation that I could get for under 130? I can't seem to find any with removable trays!

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  1. I do not have an answer for you, but I am curious why you need a removeable motherboard tray?
  2. Meh, I figure it'd make it easier to work on, don't you think? Also, I was looking for one with a clear side panel so the LED's can shine.
  3. You will expand your case options if a removeable mobo is not part of the must have's.
    1) After it is built, how often do you really need to remove the motherboard?
    Not for adding or changing drives/ram/cards.
    2) It is easier to do a neat job of cable management if everything is fixed in place.
    If you plan on lots of motherboard exchanges, then maybe.

    Just MHO.
  4. +1 what geofelt said.

    As geofelt pointed out one does not need a removeable motherboard tray to remove components inserted into the motherboard. If one needs to remove the motherboard then one has to unscrew all those mounting screws whether one has a sliding tray or not.

    What you may want to consider a case with a tray that has a large rectangular hole which makes it easy to remove the new tower style cpu heatsinks.
  5. I have one case with a removable motherboard tray, I have had no use for the feature. The case is a tank made by Coolermaster, but is does not have good air flow, and only room for noisy 8cm fans.
    All my other good cooling cases are Antec 3 Super LanBoys, 2, 300's and 1, 900.
    I have had many cases over the last 15 years, the best are ones with open air flow in the front and back with 12cm fans. The fan grille shaped like a honeycomb cuts wind noise on the Antec cases.
  6. My Silverstone TJ07 has a removable motherboard tray, but I NEVER use it since my Heatsink is too tall and I have yet to think of a scenerio where I would need it since it is just as easy to uninstall a motherboard in the computer.
  7. Yea thanks guys, I think I'm going to get at HAF 932 case. It looks very impressive!
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