What temperatures should i get with the megahalems?

I have just completed my first build, and am in the process of overclocking.

Coolermaster HAF case
prolimatech megahalems heatsink with 2 akasa apache fans
i7 - 920 @ 3.3
Pt6d deluxe motherboard
corsair dominators 6GB
gtx 260 SLI
corsair TX 750W power supply

I wasn't completely confident with the cpu and heatsink install and put it together without doing much research.

I'm not sure I used the correct amount of arctic silver 5, and it didn't seem that evenly spread to be honest (i used some power free gloves which may of put some slight grooves into it as they stretched). I also reseated it once (to check if it covered the heat spreader) without smoothing it out or reapplying.

I've just raised the i7 to 3.3 ghz and ran prime 95 for half an hour. Real temp is giving maximum core temperatures of 62 C. Ambient temp is about 21 C.

I'm just wondering what kind of temperatures I should be getting with the system I have built and at this clock speed (with no voltage adjustments)? Should I be worried with the temps I'm getting and at what would temps would you recommend easing back?

I plan to take the i7 a bit further and am wondering if its worth reinstalling the heatsink?

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  1. You should reinstall the paste if it's not too much trouble. Follow the guide here for your processor.

  2. Yea I think your right.

    Just out of interest if i do it again, what sort of temps can i expect?

  3. If you apply thermal paste correctly, you won't see much, if any, temp difference. Ambient temps play a larger role in overall temp than thermalpaste.

    62C is still a manageable temp for an i7, My guess is you have HT on too. You still have some headroom for a higher overclock.
  4. It's not that easy. It depends on your case, airflow, the exact fan your using. There is NO way in hell we can tell you within 8C. You'll just have to do your best.

    Your temps are about where they should be. Depends if you have HT on and your voltage, and your chip itself etc etc.

    You might want to read up on applying the paste. Usually unless it's an HDT cooler base a small bit larger than a grain of rice and smaller than a small pea in the middle is all you need. Look on YTube, there is more than one vid on it.

    BTW, AS5 is an older paste, there is better now.
  5. hi, thanks for the reply.

    I do have HT on, but I eventually realised that leaving the voltages at 'auto' in the bios while overclocking was actually raising them much higher than they needed to be.

    I've got to 3.8 stable with 1.2volts for the CPU, 1.2 for the QPI/DRAM, and 1.64 for the RAM.

    Now the maximum core temperature spikes to only 60 C, and is in the high 50's most of the time.


    The RAM isn't running at the full 1600 (Corsair Dominators @ around 1450), so i'm considering trying to lower the DRAM bus voltage slightly to save heat and energy...but not sure its really worth it the hassle.
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