amd 9950 based rig


just bought the deal

- AMD Phenom 9950 BLACK EDITION 2.6GHz Socket AM2+ 140W Quad-Core Processor Model HD995ZFAGHBOX - Retail
- Antec Three Hundred Black ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail

please suggest good mobo, video card, power supply etc
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  1. Mrkk,

    Hey bud I have been doing quite a bit of research on that processor and just got mine clocked up to 3.2 Ghz pretty easy. Some key questions need to be answered before I can give you good suggestions though. First of all what are you using the computer for and second of all what is your budget. From there I can give you some good ideas.

  2. budget 1200-1500
    little flexible

    gaming, media mostly
    also for running memory/cpu hungry websphere software for development purpose

    dont have any dekstop right now

    only a dell laptop that i hate
  3. With that, probably pick up at least say 4 gigabytes of memory. Are you into heavy gaming or what? If so maybe look into a nice AMD Crossfire motherboard then if you wanted you could grab like an ATI 4870 or 4870 x2 and go crossfire. Just make sure you get a good PSU on something like that. Corsair is supposed to have some good models.

    Realistically though, you've spent say 200? If that's the case I think we can find you something.

    *EDIT* So you still need monitor and OS and all as well?

    For your OS, I would recommend Vista Home premium 64 bit. Maybe a 22 inch widescreen.
  4. I spent 179$ on the combo, on sale on newegg!
  5. honestly this is my opinion...
    Asus M3A32-MVP
    4gb of 1066 RAM
    Vista Ultimate 64
    Raptor Hard drive 300GB (you might wanna check out the new 15k hard drives that just came out)
    as for video card you should wait till the ATI 4850 x2 comes out that will be a rockin card otherwise do the 4850 1gb card and go Xfire later down the road if you need more video performance
    PSU should be probably be 700-800 watt range and I would pay good money for one (you get what you pay for when it comes to PSU's, read some reviews)

    Thats a system that will likely last you for years to come. Goodluck!
  6. fyi

    MSI K9 Platinum 790FX
    Two Visiontek HD4870s in CrossfireX mode
    WD Velociraptor 300GB SATA Drive
    2GB Corsair DDR2 8500
    CPU Cooler SilenX Extreme
    PSU Coolermaster 1000W PSU SLI/Crossfire certified
    AMD Phenom X4 9950 CPU running@ 2.6GHz

    This is where I am right now
    (did not pay 718$ - I spent 60$ less than this total because my case was free, also expecting 90$ in rebates!)

    Do I need additional cooler if not oc'ing?

    suggest a good keyboard / mouse too please

  8. mrkk said:

    This is where I am right now
    (did not pay 718$ - I spent 60$ less than this total because my case was free, also expecting 90$ in rebates!)

    Do I need additional cooler if not oc'ing?

    suggest a good keyboard / mouse too please


    You realize you're missing a HDD right? I would suggest you replace that ram with instead (1.8V instead of 2.1V), there's also cheaper HD4850's as well (even with rebate included).

    Everything else looks fine.

    The keyboard and mouse set I use is the Logitech Wave. It's extremely comfortable. There is a newer version Wave Pro that's out, with a better mouse. But I like mine, it's ambidextrous.
  9. I did buy Western Digital Caviar GP WD5000CSRTL 3.5" 500GB SATA Internal Hard Drive for 63$

    I updated the list, dont find the green drive, but something similar on newegg

    what is the benefit of 1.8v vs 2.1v

    Also I paid 140$ after rebate, for the card

    the phenom comes with heat sink, is it enough?
    do i need cooler for cpu/gpu?

    what should i look for while buying a monitor!
  10. The CPU should come with a stock heatsink/fan, it's good enough if you're not planning to overclock.
    You don't need a cooler for the GPU, they always come with one if it's needed.

    Things people look at when they buy a LCD monitor:
    1. Size
    2. Resolution
    3. Response time
    4. Monitor Inputs (DVI, HDMI, VGA, etc)

    If you're going to buy a monitor, I'd strongly suggest you to go to a local retailer to check it out before you buy it online (specs only mean so much, you just have to check it out for yourself).
  11. bummer

    This is my first time assembling a pc
    I am a software developer

    I hooked up everything
    checked connections again and again

    when I boot it up, there is NO signal to monitor

    two led on foxcon motherboard say its up
    cd drive comes out and in
    cpu fan is running
    after switching off i made sure cpu is heated (may be its working)

    I am using 2 rams, I tried just using one

    no luck

    no output to monitor
    I cant see whether mobo is alive or dead
  12. If it doesn't even post and you really can't figure out why, I'd suggest you take things apart and put it back together again, just in case you missed out on something (check if you plugged everything correctly).

    Something that just came up in my mind, check whether you connected the monitor to the right video card. If you plug the monitor to the onboard video when the 4850 is installed, you're not going to get any signal. I'm pretty sure you aren't that careless, but just checking.

    You can even take out the 4850 for now and see if the computer posts with the onboard video.
  13. I rma'd the mobo
    they shipped me back a new one

    and it posted in 10 mins

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