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So I have dual Nvidia 8800's in SLi and I also have a dedicated Ageis PhysX (now Nvidia) I'n the Nvidia Physx control panal I see Ageia Card and Geforce Phys X (nvidia is greyed out) I select for it to use Ageia card but when I go back in nothing is checked? Is this normal? Also would I be better off removing the Ageia card now since its supported on the Ultra's?
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  1. The Aegia card pretty much serves no purpose now. I don't actually know of anyone who has one so I don't think you will get a response on whether this is normal behavior or not. I would say it is safe to remove that card.
  2. Yah came with my dell ( got it from ) Would not have ordered on my own but hey its in there. Just interesting to know if they are doing away with dedicated cards now
  3. Pretty much. I haven't heard anything about new PhysX cards.
  4. Running Physx off your graphics card will drop fps, sometimes significantly. So the dedicated physx card still serves a purpose.

    The gpu has to cannibalize part of itself to process physics, instead dedicate itself for graphics processing, so fps naturally drops. Physx isn't magic, it takes processing power.
  5. so based on that artical I feel like someday I will love my physx card :)
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