Another Question about Installing Windows 7 on SSD

I have narrowed my options to the following SSD's. I want to install Win 7 64-bit and a few other applications. I will use my 1TB WD Caviar for media and storage. I have games but I don't play them very often. This is my first SSD.

1. Intel X25 V 40GB
2. OCZ Vertex Series 30GB
3. OCZ Agility 30GB

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  1. Intel 2nd gen 80G or better, or go home.
  2. 1.

    I have the Kingston version. I have 25g used, and I leave it that way. Use it for read only , so write speed spec is not a factor. Theres a vbs program that can time your shutdown-(including bios)reboot time-working windows desktop, mine is 36 seconds. Its impressively fast !
    How to See What Your Windows 7 Restart Time is
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