new PC poor display

The display on my new PC is poor, eg Wall-E is in shades of blue with a hint of pink and is blocky and rough.
Crysis is near invisible during startup screens plane /island etc.
Vista 64 bit
4gb ram
asus P5Q mobo
ATI radeon 3870 512mb pci express + DVI
5 gb sata 8mb cache

The monitor is digimate this the weak link??????????????????
I have downloaded the latest AMD/ATI drivers.
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  1. is everything (like the windows desktop and bios) like this? if so then yes...
  2. if absolutely everything looks odd, then the monitor is at fault. or possibly the cable if it's removable.
  3. The general windows display is fine...........I just expected that software written for these cards etc would be quite spectacular, they look and perform just as they did on my old xp on board graphics pc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. 1) go to and download catalyst 8.9
    2) uninstall your display drivers
    3) Install the new drivers
    4) Play.
  5. Well just so you know I'm using the 8.8 drivers myself. You may want to download those instead.
  6. oK will try , thanks
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