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Does anyone have a solution to this?. An important wordpad document have been damaged by too many saves, about half the text is gone and replaced with these characters \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ .

I had the same problem with a .doc document a year ago and found a simple solution on a forum, i could fix it in the word program, but i cannot remember what i did to fix it = /.

I have tried to highlight all the text and change the text to Arial, etc. I have also tried to copy the text and open the document in other programs without success.
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  1. Word makes backups of your document on the fly but then deletes them when you save or exit Word.

    You Might be able to resurrect those backups and use them.

    A program called Recuva can bring deleted files back by finding them and then copying them out to another drive or partition. Get it and give it a try, it might just work.

    Get it free
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