X2 5400 Burned up MOSFETS

I own an ASUS M3A, with an Phenom 9750 mounted on it. I bought an X2 5400 local and went to test it. First flick of switch fans spun then shut down. Second attempt to start be damned if it never burned up a MOSFET on power rail, assuming it is power rail MOSFET that burnt (close to 24 pin plug??). I sent the board to ASUS their wonderful RMA dept took 20 working days to return it as they had lost it BUT sent RUSH delivery. In the mean time I had replaced the board w/ a better one ASUS M3N78Pro.

I am thinking should I try the CPU on the same board again??? As far as I am concerned I had done nothing wrong (everything was plugged in, I never reset CMOS as the board should or recognized a different CPU and posted with default values.)
ANY feedback would be much appreciated. As to why this would of happened ... or other experiences similar.

Should note I am not a newb to building PC
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  1. Sounds like it had to be some kind of user error to me. A cpu with a properly installed cooler should never have something like that happen. Then again maybe it is the rare occasion where there was faulty cpu.
  2. Was from third party person I do not know (he says"worked when I pulled it") and not new from retailer..... would a bad CPU do that??? any experiences I have had if was bad CPU just would not work.
  3. Yes, if the CPU is in short (short circuit, which means it may be burnt/dead) it may cause (I reapeat, *MAY* cause) your system to die (psu/mobo etc), but if the power supply is good enough, it may have a short circuit protection that will detect the problem on its power-good phase and just won't turn on.

    Even if I can recommend a good power supply to anyone, I always pop the CPUs on low cost motherboards like asrocks before I install them on the final PC, but never happened so I may be just paranoid.

    Oh and by the way, I love Nforce, what do you think about the M3N with your phenom compared to the M3A?
    I've been a long time nforce+Athlon user, I had nforce, nforce 2, nforce 2 ultra, nforce 3 250, nforce 4, and nforce 560. Not sure if jumping to Nforce 8200/750... or jumping to ATI 790GX instead, as they have better onboard graphics performance.
  4. N-Force all the way, M3A was only a get the phenom working sort of thing. M3N78 works way better than M3A, I don't use onboard graphics but always good if vid cards goes bad.
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