How to overclock my E6750 on P5B motherboard help

hi i have a P5B mobo a E6750 cpu runs @ rated FSB 1333mhz @ 2.66ghz and ocz memory ddr2 800mhz and a HD5850 video card how can i up the cpu to 3.0ghz or 3.2ghz any help would be great thank you
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    Go to the BIOS you probably have to press "Delete" in the bootup process.

    Go to Jumperfree Configuration and set the AI Overclock Tuner to Manual

    Then change the CPU Frequency to 400 for 3.2 Ghz or 375 for 3.0 Ghz
  2. ty for the reply but if i change just CPU Frequency it gets to hot so i had to set volts for cpu well ty again for the reply
  3. You don't need to set volts for 3.0 and maybe a small change in 3.2
  4. sry i ment i have to set CPU VCore if i leave it at auto and set CPU frequency to 400 i get about 20 sec before comp turns off from heat i will try vcore @ 1.35v and see temps
  5. wow ok i set my vcore @ 1.35v set fsb to 400mhz running @ 3200mhz now and temps are lower then at 3ghz 45c at idle now 39 to 42 going to run some test and benchmarks be back soon ty all what are good temps and what are bad temps
  6. If your motherboard and RAM (DDR2-1066) allows you, you could probably go up to 3.6 with stock cooling and a slight raise in VCore
  7. ty ill change my cpu heatsink first before i go to 3.6 thanks for the help
  8. thank you for the help
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