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I am soon purchasing a zen 16gb, i would like a a free program to rip frop dvd and convert to mpeg4 or wmv, i also have episodes saved of my favorites shows and some show for my son(getting him a 4GB) and would like to convert them from mpeg2 to mpeg4 or wmv. i have nero and it converts for the ipod and psp, but not the zen(or possibly zune, but im 98percent certain im cgonna go with the zen). Thanks in advance
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  1. I use this free video converter to convert pocket camcorder videos to wmv. I don't know if it will suit all your needs, but it's a small download, simple interface works with Vista 64 and it's f-r-e-e. 8)

  2. That player supports, MPEG-4 part 2 (xvid, divx, wmv).

    You will want to use Xvid codec with AAC. 320 x 240.
    I dont know about the specific profile, or bitrates.

    If your looking for an excellent open source gui to use, look into meGUI. Its more advanced (higher learning curve).. but will produce better quality files.
  3. anyone know of any good free VIDEO editor? windows movie maker is being a bitch and not importing AVI's so i need something..
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